above: Hollie and Robert, pic taken on Hollie’s 31st birthday

The information below is based on extensive interviews by Robert Green with Anne and Hollie Greig and on papers, reports and documents relevant to the Hollie Greig case.
Hollie Greig is now a young woman of 34 and has Down’s Syndrome. Nevertheless, she is a competent and truthful witness, accepted as such by the state who paid her £13,500 through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, for her suffering through multiple and ritual sexual abuse.
Unusually and possibly uniquely, there is no official record of any crime ever having been committed against her. Documents on which the C.I.C.A. relied included one in which her father and brother were unequivocally alleged to be her abusers. !t was also stipulated that she was “probably abused by others who had access to her.”
The events took place in Aberdeen, Scotland and despite Hollie clearly identifying her alleged abusers, her father was interviewed on one occasion only and her brother two years later. Hollie had revealed to her mother that she had been repeatedly ritually abused at various satanist ceremonies which she was forcibly taken to and that she had even witnessed the satanist ritual murder of an adult male.
No action was taken whatsoever by Grampian Police and none of the other alleged abusers were ever interviewed. The nature of the abuse being what it is, Hollie witnessed and named seven other alleged child victims. Three expert medical witnesses, whose statements all fully supported Hollie’s allegations were also ignored by the police and in fact, their evidence was deliberately withheld from an official Police Complaints Commission inquiry several years later.
This horrific sequence of events only came to light in 2000, when Hollie was twenty. After her mother, Anne Greig, suffering violence by her husband, fled the family home, Hollie, who was with her, began to relate the details of this staggering affair. Not only had Hollie told of her father and brother’s alleged assaults, but also named a further 20 alleged ritual abusers to the police, including a senior police officer, a local sheriff (judge), her head teacher, her own female Social Services
carer, medical staff and a variety of other professionals. Some time later Hollie named another alleged ritual abuser who is the Head Teacher of a school but this name has yet to be shared with the police as they refuse to investigate the case.
Eleven days after Hollie had made her statement to the police in 2000, a party of ten, on the instructions of Social Services, dragged Anne Greig from the flat she shared with Hollie, forcibly injected her and took her unconscious to the local mental institution. Social Services then sent Hollie back to her allegedly abusive father.
Fortunately, Anne Greig, showing great presence of mind in this most terrifying situation, managed to free herself from the institution quickly and rescue her daughter. Dr Alastair Palin, at the institution, originally diagnosed Anne as having schizophrenia. Anne, with legal support, quickly had herself fully analysed by an eminent professional, Dr Margaret Smith, who concluded that there existed no grounds whatsoever to support claims that Anne had any significant mental disorder. Dr Palin, when confronted, then had no option but to agree with Dr Smith.
One of the effects of having Down’s Syndrome is that those with the condition generally have long and vivid memories, are not given to false statements or
embellishments, but do not have a concept of time. Hence, through a process of elimination, Anne was able to discover that Hollie’s abuse must have begun from the age of six. Hollie had spent fourteen years enduring these ordeals after being threatened with her own death and that of her pet dog, who she loved very much, if Hollie ever told her mother.
On 17`h November 1997, Hollie’s devoted uncle and brother of Anne, Robert David Greig,had been found dead in a stationary burning car in a remote lane outside Aberdeen. There was no real explanation at the time for his death. He had no serious problems of any kind that were known about and was a pleasant and well-liked man with no history of depression or any similar disorder. Anne, despite being his next-of-kin, was repeatedly refused a copy of his autopsy, which was not provided until late 2009. She was suspicious, but had nothing to go on and the police and fire service made no enquiries about foul play, despite Anne’s discomfiture about the statement of an attempted “rescuer”, who much later was discovered to be known to Hollie’s father.
In 2001, Hollie told her mother that her uncle had once walked in to find Hollie allegedly being sexually abused by her father. The father had allegedly threatened to kill Robert Greig. Again, by calculating the time of this event, it was concluded that this alleged occurrence took place shortly before Robert’s mysterious death.
It is only fairly recently that it has been possible to piece together what is likely to have happened on the night of 17th November 1997. The death certificate had merely stated that Robert had died of smoke inhalation. However, when the autopsy, after every possible evasion by the authorities, came to light on 31st December 2009, it was discovered that some of Robert’s ribs and sternum had been broken and he had damage to his skull. It seemed, on that evidence only, that foul play should have been suspected at the time and that a full investigation ought to have been ordered. The prospect of suicide should not have been considered as a likely possibility. Very few people kill themselves in this manner as it is too painful and in fact, Grampian Police confirmed that last month that only one suicide in its area in the past ten years had been attributed to this method of burning oneself to death.
Since then, our enquiries have found that the police and Crown Office have “lost” the records and the fire service has refused to hand over full documentation. This lack of information did not prevent the Crown Office, in 2011, as describing the death as a suicide. However, quite apart from other issues that would take too long to explain briefly, the NHS has just advised us that they have no record of the police or anyone else requesting the medical records that would have been essential before declaring such a death as suicide.
In addition, there appears to have been an insurance fraud perpetrated on Scottish Widows by Hollie’s father and others who received a payout on Robert’s death.
There can be little doubt that Robert Greig was simply murdered in order to silence him, as his testimony would have unravelled the activities of the ring, certainly including the systematic use of ritual abuse.
The next and obvious question is to ask exactly why the Scottish authorities and justice system have not only refused to conduct a full, open and independent inquiry but have also adopted a blatant policy of persecuting and threatening Anne and Hollie Greig and others, including myself, who have taken up the case and questioned the powers-that-be in Scotland. Shortly after the story becoming widely-known in 2010, attacks were made by Shropshire Council on the home that the two
ladies had fled to from Scotland and legal threats were also placed against them, despite a total lack of evidence to justify such actions. Whilst the ladies were taking a short holiday in June 2010, a combination of police and council staff actually broke in, raided and vandalised their home in a blatant act of intimidation, pointing to the existence of a possible network operating in our justice and public services to protect influential rings of satanist ritual abusers and paedophiles.
After taking up the case in late 2008, I quickly discovered that despite overwhelming and compelling evidence, the mainstream media were being pressurised into suppressing the affair. On 19th April 2009, the News of the World did publish a brief summary, which was followed by enormous pressure being put upon the editor by the Crown Office. Soon afterwards, BBC Scotland commissioned two programmes on the case, after examining all the documentary evidence, but three of its senior journalists were later warned off and threatened, by whom, the journalists were too terrified to say.
On 3rd October 2009, in an attempt to break this impasse, I called a public meeting in Edinburgh and named all those identified as abusers by Hollie. No one took any legal action against me, but significantly Elish Angiolini, then Lord Advocate, issued on her private behalf, severe legal threats to the mainstream media throughout Scotland and beyond, even to Google, warning them of dire consequences if anyone mentioned the Hollie Greig case and Mrs Angiolini’s personal involvement, which we had already established in the following way.
At the time that Hollie reported the members of the group of ritual abusers to Grampian Police, on 25th August 2000, followed shortly afterwards by Anne’s abduction, Elish Angiolini was Area Procurator Fiscal, based in Aberdeen and was a known associate of the sheriff named as a ritual abuser by Hollie. It was Mrs Angiolini who quashed any investigation.
In the summer of 2009, I wrote to the Crown Office about this issue and was informed that Mrs Angiolini knew nothing about Hollie’s case. However, we held letters from MSP Brian Adam to Mrs Angiolini asking about the case and a moreover, a headed letter with Mrs Angiolini’s name on it dated 12`h July 2001, directly referring to the case. I thus informed – including the incriminating documents – First Minister Alex Salmond and Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill of the false statement made by the Lord Advocate relating to a case of the most grave concern. I believed Mrs Angiolini’s position was thus untenable. The two senior ministers did nothing at all.
When Mrs Angiolini threatened the media later, it was through law firm Levy & McRae, who have close links to Mr MacAskill. It has become clear since that Mrs Angiolini, whilst in office as Lord Advocate, may have allegedly misappropriated public funds for her own personal use and potential financial gain. She has repeatedly refused formal questions from the Freedom of Information Commissioner as to how Levy & McRae was paid for its services. Elish Angiolini left office on 5 May 2011 with this matter still unresolved.
Meanwhile, in order to bring the Hollie Greig case to the attention of the people of Aberdeen, whose children were clearly potentially at risk from the gang of satanist ritual abusers, who by now appeared to have state protection, l decided to stand for Parliament in the 2010 General Election, to represent Aberdeen South, where most of the atrocities occurred.
On 12th February, during my first visit to the city to meet voters and the local media, I was seized half an hour before the time of the rendezvous by two plain clothes
police officers, handcuffed and thrown into solitary confinement for four days in Queen St. Police Station, refused all legal representation, charged with a Breach of the Peace and only freed after having the most onerous and disproportionate bail conditions imaginable placed upon me, which included my being banned from Aberdeen and its surrounding county and from placing before the electorate the fundamentals of my campaign. Thus, l became the first person in parliamentary history to be banned from the constituency he wished to represent and to have the electorate deprived of knowing the reason for my standing in elections. It is almost beyond belief that such a thing could happen in a so-called mature and open democracy. The actions against me resembled those one might expect in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union. My home in Cheshire was simultaneously raided by Grampian Police whilst I was placed in custody and all privileged documents seized. I was even arrested again by Grampian Police in my home town in an attempt to prevent me signing my election papers.
In 2011, with most bail conditions still in force, thanks to the legal magazine The Drum’s publication of 11th July, based on documentary evidence provided, it was uncovered that Alex Salmond had, like Elish Angiolini before him, falsely denied knowledge of the Hollie Greig case. The documents quite clearly established that the First Minister had lied about his awareness of the horrific crimes that had taken place in a neighbouring constituency.
It is for the people of Scotland to decide, of course, but I have little doubt that once the public are in full possession of the facts, the First Minister and Justice Secretary will have no option but to resign from their respective offices.
It is surely now beyond all reasonable doubt that Mr Salmond, Mr MacAskill, Mrs Angiolini and many other public officials have failed in their duties to the probable extent of systematically obstructing the course of justice in regard to some of the most appalling crimes in Scottish history. Many of us have spoken out publicly about this and some of us, including Hollie and Anne Greig,have been persecuted by the state for doing so.
This is a dreadful issue that is known throughout the world and is of the greatest shame to our country. Which elected politicians possess sufficient courage, decency and integrity to demand the minimum reasonable requirement, that of an open, full and independent inquiry into all aspects of the Hollie Greig case and those related to it? In addition there should be a full and impartial police investigation into the satanist ritual abuse network which has been identified by Hollie Greig, not only to obtain justice for Hollie but also to rescue and protect those who are currently being abused by this satanist coven.
Hollie Greig has to date named 23 alleged satanist ritual abusers and shared 22 of these names with the police. In addition 7 names of apparent victims of the alleged satanist ritual abusers have been given to the police. But 13 years after Hollie first started exposing these crimes the police continue to refuse to conduct any proper, transparent and thorough investigation into her allegations.
The police have only ever interviewed 2 of the suspects at most and did not bother to even check if their computers contained any evidence of possession of child pornography, which is common practice by those investigating suspected child abusers. The police have also refused to interview any of the 7 alleged victims identified by Hollie.
Since the police began to re-investigate the case by interviewing Hollie on 8 September 2009 in my presence, the police have confirmed on oath in court that not even one of those named by Hollie at that interview has been questioned.
Since that time a copy of a police intelligence document dated 8 May 2007 has come into my possession. It was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. It specifically states:
“ Police searched their intelligence for details of Denis Mackie and Greg Mackie:-
…………………..They are both believed to have a predilection towards very young girls.”
But despite being in possession of this information, since the writing of that intelligence report the police have refused to interview those two individuals and to examine their computers for possible child pornography and possible links to other suspected abusers.
The Scottish police should be very strongly pressured to thoroughly investigate the serious allegations of satanist ritual abuse and ritual human sacrifice which have been made by Hollie Greig. Failure to do this exposes other vulnerable young people and children to the horrific abuse of this large and influential satanist coven which Miss Greig has identified.

Prepared by: Robert Green in October 2013

From April 2014: 

Justice for Hollie Greig AND Robert Green

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By Mike Whitby-I recently posted an article which mentioned the fact that Robert Green has been imprisoned AGAIN, for campaigning on behalf of Hollie Greig, the young Downs Syndrome girl that was gang raped by men who are ALLEGEDLY being “protected” by the Scottish Establishment.

Before I continue with this article, I must make it very clear that political parties, such as ours, are under enormous pressure to watch what we say and what we print.

So, I must stress that we are unable to repeat some of the things that appear on other websites. And, we can only print the basic facts and direct you elsewhere for more information.

Scottish law is different to English law, and this has enabled certain people to use a combination of obfuscation and bully boy tactics to imprison Robert Green, for simply demanding that the truth be told about Hollie Greig.

In June 2010, I went to a meeting in Liverpool, where a presentation was taking place by a man I had never met, named Robert Green.

He was talking about the plight of a Downs Syndrome girl, from Aberdeen, named Hollie Greig, who had been systematically raped, by several men, ALLEGEDLY including her own father.

Robert had heard about it and was determined to help her, so he had embarked upon a series of talks around the North West of England. Throughout his talk, Robert was very careful not to accuse anyone of a crime and he consistently used the term ‘ALLEGEDLY’.

As he spoke of the horrific multiple rapes of this little girl, Robert explained that he was absolutely determined to help get justice for Hollie Greig. The details were enough to make anyone cringe, and yet the authorities were extremely reluctant to do anything about it.

Why should that be?  

Also, Hollie’s mother, Anne, was ALLEGEDLY told by her brother that he had stumbled upon Hollie being sexually assaulted by her father. After that, the two of them started their investigations and discussed it with Hollie. 

Her mother asked Hollie if anything had happened to her, and she was shocked when Hollie told her what had been going on – and that other children had also been involved.

Although she had not yet reached puberty, Hollie began to tell her mother of ‘private’ things that children of her age would not normally know about; also Hollie made physical gestures to describe what had happened to her, making it clear that she knew about sex acts. 

Anne Greig reported this to the police, but they didn’t seem to be interested. She continued to demand that they investigate the matter fully, and she kept on demanding justice, but she got nowhere.

Also at that time, Anne’s brother, who had first alerted Anne to what was going on, was found dead in his burnt-out car.

The authorities said he had ‘probably’ committed suicide, but forensic evidence came to light, involving injuries to his head, to suggest that foul play had taken place. 

When Anne’s brother was found dead, she was stricken with terror, and she fled to England with Hollie and stayed with friends, in Shropshire.

From a distance, Anne continued to press the Aberdeen police to do their job and investigate those horrific crimes.

But, instead of investigating the crimes on children and the ALLEGED murder of Anne’s brother, the police reported her to the Social Services (SS).

The SS then came to Anne’s home to have her sectioned under the Mental Health Act!

The more that Anne protested, the more aggressive the SS became, until eventually, they forcefully injected her with a sedative and started to drag her from her home and into a waiting ambulance.

Anne struggled with the SS and they virtually stripped her naked in the struggle, outside her home. They then had her committed to a mental home and tests were carried out to establish her level of sanity.

Thankfully, those tests proved that Anne was/is perfectly sane, and they were forced to release her.

Rather than frighten her off, this experience made her all the more determined to get justice for her daughter and the other children who had been gang raped. As her brother had done, before he was found dead.

Belatedly, the police began their investigations, and they interviewed Hollie, with the assistance of child psychologists and all of the facts began to unfold.

Hollie was examined and sure enough, the authorities found that she had been raped on several occasions – I believe she was just ten years old at that time.

Evidently, some Downs Syndrome children are known to have photographic memories, and Hollie was able to indicate what had taken place, over a prolonged period of time.

Also, she could describe all of the adults involved, along with the other child victims.

By that time, the main suspects, Hollie’s father and her brother, had absconded and their whereabouts were unknown. But, the police didn’t appear to want to find them.

Some high profile members of the Scottish Establishment were suspected of ALLEGED involvement in this, and were said to be part of a satanic sect, known as The Speculative Society.

The Scottish authorities finally accepted that Hollie Greig had been raped by unknown persons and she was awarded a nominal sum of money as compensation – God knows how much it was, but no amount of money can compensate for what that child has been through.

Also, despite this official acceptance of these appalling crimes being committed, the authorities did virtually nothing to track down the rapists. ALLEGEDLY, the police still didn’t seem interested and they also claimed they had no idea where the main rape suspects were.

It is my understanding that, after five years, the police have still not found and interviewed Hollie’s father and her brother, or any other suspects, in relation to these crimes.

Robert Green, who lives in Warrington, Cheshire, had heard about Hollie and Anne’s campaign for justice and decided to help.

He then embarked upon the series of talks, mentioned above.

Later that year, 2010, Robert decided to stand as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Aberdeen South.

He stood on one platform only; Justice for Hollie Greig. He produced some leaflets and travelled to Aberdeen to begin his hustings campaign. 

However, as he walked from his car toward Aberdeen town centre, Robert was stopped by police officers and arrested, because; “the police suspected that he was about to cause a breach of the peace.”

He had not done anything wrong, but was arrested and held in a police cell for three days.

Also, whilst he was in that police cell, several police officers travelled from Aberdeen to Warrington and ransacked his home, with the assistance of the Cheshire Constabulary.

The police claimed to have a warrant to carry out their search and Robert requested a copy of said warrant, but to this day, four years later, he has still not received a copy of that warrant. Robert has continued his campaign for four years and has worked tirelessly to get justice for Hollie, and pursued it through the courts. Further information can be found here;




But, in February of this year, Robert Green was arrested AGAIN and sent to prison for three months….


Robert is still imprisoned at HMP Perth – simply because he demands that the truth be told!

Thankfully, he has a tremendous spirit and he is managing to cope with the injustice of it all – these days, the guilty ones go free and the truth-seekers are made to suffer.

Robert is not alone in being targeted by the thugs-in-uniforms, who regularly carry out the orders of their masters, without question as to any guilt. 

As we know very well, many of our colleagues have been unlawfully arrested and imprisoned, for simply telling the truth.

The list of patriots who have suffered, due to the lies and duplicity of Establishment puppets speaks volumes, and begs the question; what is it that they are afraid of?

Could it be that we are touching a nerve and certain people are twitching in fear of being exposed?

If you were to search the internet, using the names; Hollie Greig and Robert Green, you will find some very interesting information that WE cannot display on this site.

Robert Green is a very honourable man, and it would really cheer him up to hear from anyone who would care to write to him.

Robert is NOT involved with our party, or any political party, but he is a friend and a gentleman.

So, please send him a letter to let him know that we appreciate what he is doing for Hollie Greig and all of the victims of child abuse. One day, we will defeat the devils that are hurting children, along with their friends in high places that protect them.

Remember what George Orwell said: “In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act.”

By the way, if you are intending to send Robert a donation, please remember to mention it in your letter, in case the money goes missing.

Robert says that the prison officers are decent people, but it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Thanks for your support.

source: http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/national/justice-hollie-greig-and-robert-green

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Hollie Greig – Scotland’s Shame – videos:



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