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Date: 27 January 2015 at 19:03
Subject: RE: Where is Maurice Kirk..? prisoner N° A7306AT.
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 Dear ———-,
I think you are living on a different planet to Mr Maurice Kirk A7306AT.
Since being in HMP Swansea (11th July  2014- 19th Nov 2014) he was only allowed to telephone me, his sister. He was not allowed to phone his grown-up children, his ex-wife, his brother, his lawyer etc.As a Litigant in Person he has had to have envelopes with stamps and an address written in to contact any of 5 courts with whom he is corresponding(RCJ, Cardiff Crown, County, Magistrates, CCRC and Bristol Crown Court). These have had to be supplied by supporters. There are no free postage letters available to Maurice KIRK despite endless requests to the Governor of the Wing/Section/Prison. As he is confined to a chair with wheels he is only able to telephone if an Officer or a friendly prisoner agrees to push him to a telephone. The same constraints are in place if he wishes to get  to the meal line-up, to the medical hatch or to the ablutions.

From 19th Nov 14-8th Jan 2015 he was at HMP Bristol where the same regime prevailed except he had a bathroom attached to his ‘health wing’ cell. However, he was obliged to sleep overnight for 3 nights running in his chair because the staff would not come and put his chair near enough to the bed for him to get in! Regularly he was obliged to fill various receptacles with urine when no-one answered his call to get him to his bathroom.

Now back in HMP Swansea he is still in this wheeled porter’s chair and has to get to the meal station at the end of the hall by using his hands along the wall to haul himself along. He is 6 weeks off 70 years old!

It took over 5 months to get his glasses to him; over 7 months to get a hearing aid to him and over 11 months to see any medical care who would discuss his acute abdominal pain symptoms. Only now, after 15 months in the hands of the Prison Healthcare system has he been prescribed  a medicine which seems to help but already he has been denied those tablets 3 times this week!

I remain the only person whom he can phone. Is it because I do not live in the UK?

His NOMS caseworker is not doing his job.

yours sincerely



Subject: RE: Parole hearing for Maurice John Kirk A7306AT on 4 February 2015 at HMP Swansea
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2015 08:18:20 +0000

Good morning
Parole hearing for Maurice John Kirk A7306AT
I have been informed that the parole hearing for Mr Kirk on the date given has been cancelled.  Parole hearings do not fall into the responsibilities of Domestic and Legal Visits booking so I am unable to give you any further information on the matter.
If you have any queries you will need to write into HMP Swansea.
Kind regards,
Domestic and Legal Visits Booking Clerk
HMP Swansea

Scroll down + see archives on right for more important posts re: Maurice Kirk, unlawfully held, at present in HMP Swansea + other hellholes since Oct. 16 2013 – just prior to the “Final Submissions” of his civil case against S. Wales police – see this video of the radio broadcast from his sister:

video: Rough Justice: South Wales Police persecute former vet & pilot Maurice Kirk who’s suing them      

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