Please give for Lexi May Hopkin, 7…called by the Angels…


‘Chasing The Sun’ ~ Lexi May Hopkin Age 7

108 days left £6,458 raised of £500 goal

Beneficiary: Lexi May Hopkin Location: Wool, England, United Kingdom
Organizer: Auntie Sam Hillier 

by Auntie Sam Hillier 

“This is my gorgeous little blonde haired, blue eyed niece, Lexi, aged only 7 years.

Just 8 days ago, we discovered that Lexi has an inoperable DIPG brain tumour, which has no curative treatment…

As a family, we are all devastated and have very little time to grant Lexi’s wishes…
We need to fundraise to allow her, her two beautiful sisters and her mummy & daddy build as many good memories as possible, enjoying every minute of everyday!”

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by Auntie Sam Hillier 
Exactly one week ago to the hour, little Lexi’s story was shared.  Emotional roller coaster dosnt describe all our feelings at the moment!

Completely overwhelmed by everybody’s support; from cards, to letters, to dinners, to gifts, to the unbelieveable number of donations and most of all, your love!

Lexi’s mummy & daddy would love to thank you all personally for everything each and every one of you have done over the last week but time dosnt allow for thankyou cards, so please accept this as their THANKYOU!!!!!! X

And from Auntie Sam, Thankyou too! Xxx

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by Auntie Sam Hillier

So my £500 target has been completely destroyed by a huge 5k!
This is totally overwhelming for us all!

Lexi’s wish of snow arrived today and another surprise is organised for next week, enjoy sweetie xxx

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by Auntie Sam Hillier

Well here we are just three days in…
Over 150 kind, loving people have donated over £4,000!  This is certainly going to cover some amazing memories for darling Lexi! Thank you all!!!! xxx

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by Auntie Sam Hillier

Truly touching…just 24hrs of sharing this post, loving people have kindly donated £2479! we cannot thank you all enough c

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