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A writ of “Habeus Corpus” has been issued regarding Maurice Kirk, 69, at present held in HMP Swansea, and other prisons, since October 16 2013 – THATS 500 DAYS!! 

“Habeus Corpus” =  

“Habeas corpus, or the Great Writ, is the legal procedure that keeps the government from holding you indefinitely without showing cause. When you challenge your detention by filing a habeas corpus petition, the executive branch must explain to a neutral judge its justification for holding you. Habeas corpus prevents the King from simply locking up subjects in secret dungeons and throwing away the key. It’s been a pillar of Western law since the signing of the Magna Carta in England in 1215.

The Founders of our nation believed habeas corpus was so essential to preserving liberty, justice, and democracy that they enshrined it in the very first article of the United States Constitution.”



From Maurice Kirk, 69, at present in HMP Swansea

POSITION STATEMENT 18 FEB. 2015 [sent to the P.M. + others]

Case no.: BS614159  [with others]


Dear Sir,

1]  After many months of trying to get my property out before more goes missing I might have managed of getting my passport, credit cards and laptop out yesterday with clear evidence of damage to the package.

2]  Much time, yet again, this morning was wasted arguing for release out of my Dec. 14th £1000 cheque, still not banked, after a stream of utter nonsense and excuses over why “Security” or Andy Phillips [Chief Security Officer, HMP Swansea] orders override, each time, my attempts to expedite both civil and criminal litigation.

3]  My legal advisor, travelled from Gibraltar,  states, in his today received letter I had: “I was refused to see him” on his visit – this, again, are lies orchestrated..
4]  I have legal papers to serve on you, the Parole Board and Courts but your staff refuse to take any for you to copy them, cash my cheque, or disclose the liars over my last denial of visitors.  I hold you PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE.

5] Cardiff County Court have confirmed individual service on prison personal of their home addresses [as named defendants] is valid [see HMP Cardiff Damages Claim 9cFo2983]

6] I am allowed my telephone numbers back since August 2013 – why?


M. J. Kirk  [see attatched handwritten document from M. J. Kirk]

10 POS STMT 18 FEB 15

Position Statement 16 Febuary 2015 [transcribed from MK’s handwritten statement directly following, below]:

“Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police

BS 614159 etc.

16 Febuary 2015


1] Claimant has exhausted all conceivable routes to assist court representation re: criminal and civil cases, but each time proved blocked by police.

2] 24/7 surveillance is controlled by MAPPA / Probation, Barry police.

3] Documentary proof on all, leaving only postbox and one telephone number.

4]  All complaints procedures documented and repeated to prove it.

5]  10 court appearances blocked by using NHS [Wales], HMP, GeoAmey, and courts.

6]  Severe gut pain diagnosis and examination not progressed since 2013 GP.

7]  Police / court / HMP / Probation / MAPPA audit trail documentation buried.

8]  CCRC refuse to disclose 1 Dec. 2011 Cardiff Magistrates Clerk of Court notes and log.

9] Private GP consultation refused for 17 months as police block appointments.

10]  HMP Cardiff, Swansea, Park and Bristol have all confiscated legal data.

11]  ABMU Healthtrust refuse to clarify or correct police psychiatric reports.

12]  Swansea University Psychiatry Dept. refuse to correct fabricated reports.

13]  HMP staff assaults and robbery by prisoners never properly investigated.

14]  Civil court judgements against prisons and custody are proved worthless.

15]  HMC + TS ignore court applications, lose records and alter court logs.

16]   Prisoners sentence doubled without court appearance required, based purely on unsubstantiated documentary evidence controlled from Barry.

17] Writs of Habeus Corpus from members of claimants family are all blocked.

18]  Successive prisons refuse to share claimants medical records.

19]  Successive concise directions  from Cardiff County Court ridiculed.

20]  Direct, face to face, claimants complaint  to HM Prisons Inspectorate, countless HMP governors, HMP doctors and law courts all proved futile.

21]  The very same applies to Information Commissioners Office, National Offenders Management Service [Wales], NHS [Wales], Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Independant Police Complaints Commission, The Welsh Assembly,  GMC [encl. 21/09/14 to GMC] and Prison Probation Ombudsman leaving only friends and family for help.

M.J. Kirk  BVSC
HMP Swansea”13729380.jpgREDAC


Scroll down + see archives on right for more important posts re: Maurice Kirk, unlawfully held, at present in HMP Swansea + other hellholes since Oct. 16 2013 – just prior to the “Final Submissions” of his civil case against S. Wales police – see this video of the radio broadcast from his sister:

VIDEO: “Rough Justice: South Wales Police persecute former vet & pilot Maurice Kirk who’s suing them”, Sept. 2014:      

<a href="/channel/UCvPbHiqhLtpNWA_cg_1NULw" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-name="" data-ytid="UCvPbHiqhLtpNWA_cg_1NULw" data-sessionlink="ei=fcqoVPDdC4KB0AHJyoCYDA">PublicEnquiry</a> PublicEnquiry from 13 Sept. 2014

MAURICE KIRK UPDATE 15 FEB. 2015 – regarding “the fairness, proportionality, apparent bias and bad faith in the decisions of 11 July 2014 to recall Mr. Maurice Kirk to prison”, + more

Important latest documents received from Maurice, 14 Feb. 2015 – the first four items shown below being his communication regarding  “the fairness, proportionality, apparent bias and bad faith in the decisions of 11 July 2014 to recall Mr. Maurice Kirk to prison”, M.A.P.P.A., and crucial questioning of the merits and effects of the ex-“Caswell Clinic” doctor’s false report on MK used in courts to MK’s detriment, and regarding the denial of vital witnesses and material evidence in his 2011 trial and 2012 appeal – a breach of Article 5 of the ECHR? 

Followed by: the £50,386 claim by MK in 2009,  and following that documents regarding complaints MK has made, typically getting nowhere, though of course perfectly valid, allegedly of course.x1365x2366.jpgxxxxxxx3367.jpgxxxxxxxxx4368.jpgxxxxxxx

The £50,386 claim:

50000 AWARD369

Letters to the Prison and Probation Ombudsman, to Bristol, and finally to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman regarding complaints MK has made:1361 PPO REDAC1362.jpg REDAC1363.jpg REDAC

source for “Habeus Corpus”:

Scroll down for many more posts relating to whats happening to Maurice Kirk, 69, held at present in HMP Swansea after over 480 days in prison.

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