VIP paedophile scandal: Police pinpoint ‘dungeon’ flat linked to abuse parties and child murder – + VIDEOS December 2014

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Officers have identified a luxury flat in Pimlico, London, which is connected to a large cellar believed to have been used as a ‘holding area’ for abuse victims

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New development: Police have pinpointed a London flat where they believe witness ‘Nick’ and other abuse victims were held

Police investigating a VIP ­paedophile ring have pinpointed a luxury flat where they believe boys were held before being ­sexually abused by prominent men – and in one case murdered.The apartment is in upmarket Pimlico, central London, and is connected to a large cellar.

In a chilling development, detectives from Operation Midland believe the premises were used as a holding area for youngsters before they were driven a short distance to abuse parties.

The Sunday People and the Exaro ­investigative website can reveal ­detectives also suspect the apartment could be linked to a murder allegedly involving members of the paedophile network.

They are now preparing to take a former abuse victim to the property.

Officers want him to confirm their ­suspicions that the address is a key site in their investigation.

One line of enquiry is whether a cellar at the flat was used to keep one or more boys before they were sexually abused at ­another property nearby.

The exact location of the flat cannot be identified at this stage, nor can the ­evidence that relates to it, for fear of ­disrupting the police investigation.

Detectives regard the property as ­potentially crucial but have identified other premises they want to look at.

They plan to take a key witness, known as Nick to protect his identity, on a ­drive-around of locations in central London that may have been used by the paedophile network.

Nick came forward last year with a series of allegations.

He says a group of influential and wealthy men sexually abused him as a boy at Dolphin Square, the apartment ­complex in Pimlico where many MPs have homes, and elsewhere.

He also claims to have seen members of a Westminster paedophile network murder three boys. And he is keen to help Operation Midland get to the truth.

Sunday People paedo cover ring

In an open appeal, he said:

“I would like to make a personal request to all the boys who were hurt alongside me to come forward if you can and if you have not done so already.

“You will not remember ‘Nick’. It is not my real name. But you will recognise what went on and where.

“I totally understand why you might not feel able to, and I know the fear that they instilled in us back then stopped me from speaking out previously. But now is the right time to come forward.

“If the fear of certain members of the inner circle is holding you back, you need not worry.

“It did not stop me, and the police can explain more if you get in touch.

“There are some excellent detectives from the Metropolitan Police who are working on the information that I have given to them. They want to help, they want to listen, and they are not afraid to go where the evidence takes them.

“It is not an easy thing to do. It is really hard to find that courage to come forward and then have to go through with the police what happened.

“But they have made it as easy for me as they possibly could have done.

“They have listened to me. They have kept me updated, and ensured that I am safe. They have made sure that I have support and have maintained my anonymity.

“I also ask others to come forward if you have ­information about what was going on.

“Were you one of my drivers? Were you suspicious at the comings and goings of boys at all times of the day and night? Any piece of information, no matter how insignificant you think it is, might be useful to the police.”

The Pimlico flat will be among several properties to be included in the police drive-around.

Other places in the smart London district are also of interest as possible locations of child sex abuse involving the network of perverts.

Getty Tom Watson MP
Search for truth: Tom Watson MP

Pimlico is now a key focus for Operation Midland.
The latest development comes after the Sunday People and Exaro last week revealed that Operation Midland had searched four homes, including two belonging to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, who died two months ago aged 75.

Operation Midland was launched last year after Nick came forward, initially to Exaro, to give an account of child sex abuse at Dolphin Square and elsewhere.

Nick is one of three men who have given testimony about how they were sexually abused as boys by a group of people, including public figures, at Dolphin Square.

Police are also examining claims based on Nick’s evidence that Mr Brittan was present when two unidentified men beat a boy to death following sexual abuse around 1981 or 1982.

Det Supt Kenny McDonald, who is overseeing Operation Midland, said ­officers who had spoken to Nick thought his account was “credible and true”.

During a Press conference in December, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse said police were examining whether children were abused at a number of locations , including the South East, London and at military establishments.

Operation Midland, is a strand of the Operation Fairbank ­inquiry investigating ­allegations of historical child abuse.

Fairbank was set up ­after Labour MP Tom Watson MP asked about the existence of a high-level child abuse network with links to Parliament and Downing Street.




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