Subject: Patrick Cullinane On The Common Law Court Of Wales Show with Darren Latham – Thursday 26th February.

To Whom It May Concern:

 Patrick Cullinane Part1

Patrick Cullinane  On The Common Law Court Of Wales Show with Darren Latham – Thursday 26th February.

 The ONLY deceivers and pathological  LIARS in the WORLD with a VOICE are the Jews: –

 The Jewish HIJACK of Magna Carta 1215 and the Constitution of Ireland – has been covered-up by Six Jewish Companies Controlling 96% of the World’s Media: –

 A jury of one’s peers is one’s lawful right under common law; the Law of the Land.  When are the Jews going to be FORCED to respect this and be prosecuted for High Treason?  It is imperative that you peruse the attached document and see all the laws that the Jews are breaking, while enforcing their SICK Satanic Talmud laws with their own alien Police Forces’ operating for decades now in the UK, Ireland, Australia and America: –

The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy [The Filthy History Of Pedophilia, Murder & Bigotry]

Uploaded on 29 Jan 2012

Note how God’s WRITTEN LAW was discarded for the Zionists UNWRITTEN made-up law to ROB, RAPE, TERRORISE and MURDER with IMPUNITY!  –

 “The TALMUD, which has aptly been called; The Monument to HUMAN FOLLY” … “Gentiles they classed, not as men, but as Barbarians … And has NO right to property” … “The testimony of the Christian was NOT admitted in evidence in Jewish courts” – There you have it.

This story might (WILL) hurt us as human beings

Brother Nathanael

The Jewish Talmud Exposed

Home Secretary, Theresa May MP is Jewish, Eric Pickles MP Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government is Jewish and Harriet Harman MP, along with Patricia Hewitt MP who lobbied Parliament to have SEX with Children are both Jewish: –

According to the old laws of England, which are still in force, many current British politicians qualify for hanging and their laws are null and void: –

 High Treason – Laws Against Establishing a Foreign Power in England and Ireland: –

 “Being prohibited aliens by the Edict of Expulsion Jews have no right to sit in our houses of parliament, nor on our local government councils. They have no right to be in the judiciary nor to hold office in the executive of government nor in the police force. All purported laws and purported acts of parliament in which Jews have taken part in the voting are illegal, unconstitutional: null and void…

The British Nation is bedevilled today by alien organisations that have established themselves within our Christian Nation and aim to take us over, to destroy our Christian culture and force us to follow their preconceived designs. Unfortunately they have infiltrated themselves into our educational and religious systems and have educated many adepts among our people who unknowingly carry out their will. Many of them have been advanced to high places.

 The Expulsion of the Jews from England in, 1290, for exactly the same Satanic TALMUD Rituals 666 and LAWLESSNESS that they are doing right NOW in the UK, Ireland, Australia and America!

Who is going to join me to take BACK our COURTS, and KICK the Jews out of ALL positions of POWER?

 The JEWdiciary have HIJACKED the Constitutional Common Law of the Land, which guarantees us = Trial by OUR Peers / Equals = High Treason

Yours truthfully,
Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.


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