APRIL 4: BARNET v DRAPER + #WakeUpCall: United against #ChildAbuse plus Warning: Demoralise, Destabilise, Control

Its a bit late to complain about the alleged abusers names etc being online when they’ve been online, in some guise or other, for weeks.

And what about the children’s pics being in every other video being uploaded still? That’s illegal too, according to the court judgement made, apart from it being an assault on these children’s privacy!!!!! Hasn’t the point been made by now, and we know what the children look like??

Full post with videos 04/04/15: 



#BARNET vs DRAPER – the most recent of all Satanic Abuse Cover- and Stitch-Ups to save ‘the system’ at all costs


Victims Unite!

This is about the ‘rally of resistance’ on Saturday April 11. 

This is about the terror in Westminster re child abuse coming out and the reactions about an agenda of violence and imposing a police state.

“The smell of treason is becoming offensive…”

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