1864 Statutes of the Knights Templar

A Bunch of Keys – G. R. Long

A Candid Disquisition -W Calcott

A Century Of Freemasonry In Nantucket – A Starbuck

A Collection of Letters on Freemasonry – J C Spencer

A Compendium of Freemasonry in Illinois – G Warvelle

A Defence Of Freemasonry – A F A Woodford

A General History Of Freemasonry In Europe – E Rebold

A History of Freemasonry in Lincolnshire – W Dixon

A History Of Lodge No. 61 F & A M – O J Harvey

A Lexicon of Freemasonry – A G Mackey

A Masonic Manual – J Wright Anderson

A Program For Peace In An Industrial Age – G P Ellis

A Ritual of Freemasonry – A Allyn

A Short Masonic History – F Armitage

A Short View Of The History Of Freemasonry – W Sandys

A Speculative Philosophy – T O Todd

A Statement by 1st G.M. of Women Freemasons 1908

A Study in American Masonry – A Preuss

A System of Speculative Masonry – S Town

A Text Book Of Masonic Jurisprudence – A G Mackey

A Tramps Own Ritual

Abraham Lincoln – Freemason, An Address 1914

Acacian Lyrics – L A H Munday

Address To The Veterans Of Pennsylvania – I Register

Akin’s Lodge Manual – J W Akin

American Indian Freemasonry – A C Parker

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry – A G Mackey

An Essay On The Mysteries Of Free Masons – W H Reece (Trans)

An Explanation of the 3rd Degree Tracing Board – G R Oswell

An Interesting Companion For A Leisure Hour – D Fraser

Ancient & Modern Initiation – M Heindel

Ancient Craft Masonry In Vermont – L S Tillotson

Ancient Mysteries & Modern Masonry – C H Vail

Ancient Religious Traditions & Symbols – H Sykes

Anderson’s Constitutions Of 1723 – L Vibert

Anderson’s Constitutions

Annual Addresses of M.E. Charles Dana Burrage 1910-13

Arcana Saitica – H Giles

Bacon’s Secret Disclosed – G Cunningham

Bogus Freemasonry Among Colored Masons – C Mitchell

Book Of The A & A Scottish Rite – C T McClenachan

Brief History Of The A A S Rite Freemasonry – E Sherman

Brother Of The Third Degree – W Garver

Brotherly Love Recommended In A Sermon – C Brockwell

Brothers & Builders – J F Newton

By Laws Of Corinthian Lodge – L A Surette

By Laws Of Mary Commandery – Masonic Knights Templar

Bye Laws & Regulations Of The Defence Lodge 1221 Leeds

Celebration 125th Anniversary Masschusets Lodge 1770-1895

to be continued



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