Why did the police officer leave the little boy on his own? April 30 ’15

Video Man has a theory. I agree.

We might be wrong – maybe there is a valid explanation for this somewhere that we have not heard.

But in the little boy’s first interview, the police officer just gets up and leaves the little boy sitting on the chair all on his own.

It’s for a lot longer than 5 minutes!

A lot longer than the average toilet break or quick fag – or even a quick chat about how the interview is going.

So why was that?

Might it have been that, on realizing that the little boy and his sister were about to blow the whistle on the cult, he had to go and notify HQ and wait for instructions on what to do about it?

Is that why he took so long?

Are we wrong? If so, please let us know. Because as we watched that we felt abandoned and let down on behalf of that little boy.

As we saw it, this was terrible procedure.

Was it at that moment this cover-up started?

 source: Why did the police officer leave the little boy on his own?.

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