PATRICK CULLINANE – To Sabine McNeill from P. Cullinane and Kenn d’Oudney, DEMOCRACY DEFINED – 20 July 2013

To Brian Gerrish:

Brian, why will you not show the UK Column interview with Patrick Cullinane from his demo outside the RCJ in October 2013?

Thank you.

J. Graham

Videos of Patrick et al outside the RCJ October 2013:

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Patrick Cullinane <> Date: 1 May 2015 at 02:17 Subject: FAO: John Paterson: – To Sabine McNeill from Patrick Cullinane and Kenn d’Oudney, DEMOCRACY DEFINED. – On 20 July 2013

Dear John Paterson, 

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column is doing the exact same as, Sabine Kurjo McNeill, which you can see in the correspondence below that is self-explanatory: – 

John, can you please take this fundamental issue up with the team from UK Column, in front of EVERYONE, when you meet them in Nottingham tomorrow – 1st May 2015.  Unfortunately, I cannot make Nottingham myself tomorrow to ask these pertinent questions myself, as I am engaged elsewhere with the Talmudic  JEWdicial HIJACK of the Constitutional Common Law of the Land.  – Please note: The UK Column has ignored ALL my correspondence since its inception, which smells the High Heavens, does if NOT?  – It is high time to face and confront the FACTS here;  Why is the UK Column NOT Campaigning for the authentic Constitutional Trial by Jury Justice System, which is guaranteed by Article 39 of Magna Carta 1215 – the Law of the Land? 

The UK Column are giving the UK People all the HORROR stories in gory detail, but they will NOT interview me on the show, or campaign for a REMEDY for their horror stories via Common Law Trial by Jury.  Brian Gerrish and the UK Column are happy with the JEWdiciary operating OUR UK Courts without JURIES, which is High Treason: – 

“High Treason – Laws Against Establishing a Foreign Power in England”: –


The Jews had been in England in Anglo-Saxon times dealing in slaves. Jews however came into England with the Norman Conquest. They made themselves a threat to the people of this country by (1) clipping the gold coinage and turning the clippings into bullion for sale overseas (2) dispossessing good Christian Englishmen of their lands and property by high interest rates in usury (3) by the ritual murder of young Christian boys by crucifixion and drawing off the blood for ritual purposes; particularly Hugh of Lincoln in 1255; a child sacrificed in Nottingham in 1279… 

I, Patrick Cullinane, am demanding my Home and Property back immediately, and FULL compensation for my losses, damages, prospects, blight of over 34-years of TERRORISM and TORTURE by a Foreign Power Established in England and Ireland by the State of Israel, which is HIGH TREASON: – 

Why do you think the UK Column is COVERING-UP these fundamental issues, and treats Patrick Cullinane and his LIFE SAVING work with utter CONTEMPT? 

See the attached Magna Carta BANNER hanging on the railings of the Royal Courts of In-Justice that the UK Column ignored.  – The UK Column is now known far and wide as the: Show With NO SOLUTIONS!  

John, while you are at it, please also ask the UK Column team; where is the VIDEO of the interview that, Patrick Henningsen, from the UK Column did with me during my FOUR day Campaign from, 1st to 4th October 2013,  outside the Royal Courts of In-Justice to RESTORE the Constitutional Common Law of the Land in OUR UK Courts?  – I was assured by Mr Henningsen that this was a GOOD Video!  – Where is it NOW; years on from the event?

This pledge has now closed; it was successful! 

Please give me a report back John, as I greatly fear the UK Column is a DISTRACTION to STEAL our THUNDER, and OBSTRUCT our Campaign to RESTORE the Rule of Law in the UK, by leading OUR People up a ‘cul de sac’, a blind alley. – Just like Sabine McNeill was doing. 

Yours truthfully,
Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.

From: Patrick Cullinane [] Sent: 20 July 2013 23:34 To: ‘‘ Cc: ‘Sabine Kurjo McNeill’; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘Tony Farrell – former Principle Intelligence Analyst at South Yorkshire Police’; ‘Kay Lintern – Has Vital Evidence on Peter Sutcliffe’; ‘Charles Seven – Victim of UK’s Kangaroo Courts’; ‘Colin Peters – Victim of COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts’; ‘‘; ‘DS: – STOP INJUSTICE NOW’; ‘Victor Foglia – Victim of the Corrupt Government Organisations’; ‘John Cullinane – Victim of Solicitors & Judges in US’; ‘Stuart Russell’; ‘‘; ‘Steve Steel – Victim of Kangaroo Courts in UK’; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘John Challinor – Victim of Judicial corruption’; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘Arthur Wallis – Victim of Local Council’s PCN’; ‘Norman Scarth- Victim of the Kangaroo Courts in the UK’; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘Albert Burgess’; ‘Brian Hudson – Victim of the Corrupt UK Judiciary’; ‘‘; ‘Dafydd Morgan – Victim of UK’s Kangaroo Courts’; ‘Gedaljahu Ebert – Victim of Corrupt High Court ‘Judges”; ‘David Holloway – Victim of Insurance Ombudsman’; ‘Dr. Sheida Oraki – HM Victim’; ‘‘; ‘Michael Doherty – Victim of POLICE CORRUPTION’; ‘‘; ‘Elizabeth Watson – One Voice Action Group’; ‘‘; ‘David Cozens – Campaign’; ‘‘; ‘‘; Brian Gerrish – The UK Column; ‘‘; John Hemming – Good Member of Parliament; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘‘; ‘George Wescott – Victim of OP Poisoning & Corruption’; Jean Tyzack – Victim of HM Partnerships; ‘Wayne Fontana – HMRC Victim’; ‘Chris Fogarty, Reporter – IAN’; ‘Tim Fleming’; ‘‘ Subject: FW: To Sabine McNeill from Patrick Cullinane and Kenn d’Oudney, DEMOCRACY DEFINED.  

Dear Kenn d’Oudney, 

Not alone is Sabine McNeil going up a ‘cul de sac, but she is also leading a lot of Sheeple up that very same ‘cul de sac’, a blind alley – where it can only end in tears for ALL her followers. 

“Advising people that their method of campaigning is fundamentally flawed and going up a ‘cul de sac’, a blind alley, is a thankless task, but it remains the fact that until the Constitutional Trial by Jury Justice System is restored giving authority to decide justice issues to the randomly chosen ‘ordinary’ adults men and women sitting in the Jury, all and any gains or concessions achieved by petitions and appeals can be promptly reversed by subsequent legislation from Westminster or Brussels.”

I too tried to advise Sabine McNeil, when I first met her, about the importance of the RESTORATION of common law Trial by Jury, but she proved to be a very difficult person to get this message through to.  I now keep my distance from this woman, as she has a totally different agenda to me. 

If Kurjo McNeil is NOT promoting Magna Carta 1215 the Great Charter, which is the Law of the Land, and guarantees due process via Trial by Jury; then who exactly is she working for? 

Kenn, I agree with you one 100%.  We can now monitor how Sabine Kurjo McNeill and her many POACHED followers are going to do a U-turn from the ‘cul de sac’ blind alley and follow our example re the RESTORATION of Common Law – Trial by Jury, which is the ONLY way forward to due process and Natural Justice for ALL. 

Thanks again for this Kenn, as there was much damage being done and many Sheeple were being taken in. 

Yours truthfully, 

Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts. 

From: [] Sent: 20 July 2013 18:17 To: Sabine Kurjo McNeill Cc:; ‘Patrick Cullinane’; ‘Tony Farrell – former Principle Intelligence Analyst at South Yorkshire Police’; ‘Kay Lintern – Has Vital Evidence on Peter Sutcliffe’; ‘Charles Seven – Victim of UK’s Kangaroo Courts’; ‘Colin Peters – Victim of COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts’;; ‘DS: – STOP INJUSTICE NOW’; ‘Victor Foglia – Victim of the Corrupt Government Organisations’; ‘John Cullinane – Victim of Solicitors & Judges in US’; ‘Stuart Russell’;; ‘Steve Steel – Victim of Kangaroo Courts in UK’;;; ‘John Challinor – Victim of Judicial corruption’;;; ‘Arthur Wallis – Victim of Local Council’s PCN’; ‘Norman Scarth- Victim of the Kangaroo Courts in the UK’;;; ‘Albert Burgess’; ‘Brian Hudson – Victim of the Corrupt UK Judiciary’;; ‘Dafydd Morgan – Victim of UK’s Kangaroo Courts’; ‘Gedaljahu Ebert – Victim of Corrupt High Court ‘Judges”; ‘David Holloway – Victim of Insurance Ombudsman’; ‘Dr. Sheida Oraki – HM Victim’;; ‘Michael Doherty – Victim of POLICE CORRUPTION’;; ‘Elizabeth Watson – One Voice Action Group’;; ‘David Cozens – Campaign’;;; ‘George Wescott – Victim of OP Poisoning & Corruption’; ‘Wayne Fontana – HMRC Victim’; ‘Chris Fogarty, Reporter – IAN’; ‘Tim Fleming’; ‘Paul Talbot-Jenkins’ Subject: To Sabine McNeill from Kenn d’Oudney, DEMOCRACY DEFINED. The Home Page of The Democracy Defined Campaign for RESTORATION and UNIVERSAL ADOPTION of CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW TRIAL BY JURY.



Media and General Enquiries:

 Kenn d’Oudney, Mrs. Joanna d’Oudney & Astra d’Oudney. CEO/Directors.

(Standard English Spelling) 


THE CAMPAIGN PHILOSOPHY is spread worldwide by its Members. The Democracy Defined Campaign Philosophy is endorsed by academics, attorneys, doctors (of jurisprudence, medicine, homeopathy, philosophy, etc.) and judges (U.S. & U.K.).


Dear Sabine, 

It is disappointing to see you continually dissipating your energies with desultory efforts for various good causes few of which can succeed until government-paid judges are once again legally prevented from taking those decisions which, according to the Constitution, secular morality and legem terræ common law, should and must be decided, not by judges, but by ‘ordinary’ men and women in Juries. 

The authentic Constitutional Trial by Jury Justice System operates either

(i) as a means of cost-free private civil, criminal or fiscal prosecution to establish rights and punish or obtain redress for wrongs, including those committed by judges, politicians people in government,


(ii) as a right by which to establish a person’s innocence (lack of guilt or liability) in defence from all and any fines, summary punishments, accusation or prosecution.

 Be it known: Trial by Jury is the ONLY peaceful means known to mankind by which to prevent or redress the deeds and punish the personnel of a government bent on injustice. Common Law Trial by Jury is the unique overall cure for the numerous government-inflicted injustices against which you and we are campaigning.

By contrast, petitions and the numerous separate and disparate causes (including regarding victims of injustice) generally prove to be examples of wasted effort because, in most cases, they cannot win…

…they do not campaign for restoration of the citizen’s authority to judge and overrule the iniquitous legislation and the decisions of corrupted, prejudiced, and incompetent judges; …they seldom bring relief to victims of judicial wrongdoing; and …they do not bring about permanent expunction (repeal) of unjust laws and unconstitutional procedures by which the Trial by Jury is illegally denied.

These latter worthy goals are only achieved by (RESTORATION of) Trial by Jury.

Advising people that their method of campaigning is fundamentally flawed and going up a ‘cul de sac’, a blind alley,is a thankless task, but it remains the fact that until the Constitutional Trial by Jury Justice System is restored giving authority to decide justice issues to the randomly chosen ‘ordinary’ adults men and women sitting in the Jury, all and any gains or concessions achieved by petitions and appeals can be promptly reversed by subsequent legislation from Westminster or Brussels.

Bear in mind that population controls and even the right to have and be part of a family are subject to legislation adopting the unconscionable Platonic treaties of the NWO UNO Agendas, which are here to stay — unless the People re-take control of their own destiny and well-being. This can only be peacefully achieved by the people having control over the system of the enforcement of law. This is the issue above all others, and by which injustices are prevented or put to rights.

The Common Law Trial by Jury is indispensable (and installed within Constitutions) not only to protect the people from common crimes by ascertaining guilt or innocence of the accused and where necessary apportioning retribution, but also, of transcendent importance, it is explicitly and precisely emplaced as a barrier to protect the vast mass of innocent citizenry from the crimes of arbitrary government, i.e., unjust laws, tyranny; and from the corruption, prejudices and incompetence of fallible judges.

 This is achieved by the two aspects of Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury as mentioned above: one for private, cost-free prosecution (by single or multiple plaintiffs); the other as jurors judging on the justice of the law, and, by pronouncing the Not Guilty Verdict, annulling any law or act of enforcement which is deemed unfair or unjust to the accused, according to the juror’s conscience (i.e., sense of right and wrong).

RESTORATION of the sovereign power of the Jury referred to in Item (i) above, would swiftly produce ALL the goals which we all seek; economic, socio-political and legislative.

All societies, regardless of time or place, race, culture, religion, background or nationality, govern by their Justice System. The power to punish carries with it ALL power. It remains a universal eternal criterion of justice that the validity and justice of laws and all acts of their enforcement require to be judged not by those who make and enforce the laws (government), but by those who voluntarily agree to abide by the laws (all the adult citizens).

All who do not uphold this tenet are then promoting unlawful rule by a tyrannical élite. Unwittingly, or for self-advantage, they serve despots, abet tyranny, and are the criminal enemies of freedom and equal justice.

Because the fairness and justice of the laws and all acts of law enforcement require to be judged by those who agree to abide by the laws, according to natural law, common law, constitutional law, and the paramount requirement for Equal Justice, the Common Law Trial by Jury of ordinary adult citizens in which the jurors judge the justice of the law and each act of enforcement, is the only justice system which is legal and just everywhere, for all process of law, civil, criminal and fiscal.

That is why Common Law Trial by Jury is installed by all legitimate constitutions as the sole justice system for all crimes (unimpeachable), civil, criminal and fiscal.

On the aforesaid grounds, there is NO legal enforcement of ANY law but by the Trial by Jury. It is uniquely in the nature of Trial by Jury that juries fulfil the function and purpose of law in a democratic society. These are to maintain Justice by protecting the citizen from injustice and crime of all kinds, whether perpetrated by the state or by other citizens; and to uphold the rights, freedom and legitimate interests of all.

The Juror is sovereign* in Trial by Jury.

*Definition: Sovereignty, pre-eminence; the supreme and independent power expressed through the making and enforcing of the laws.

Trial by Jury defines democracy, sine qua non. Within a Hellenic or modern democracy…

The Jury Comprises the Supreme Legislature and Judicature.


If the jury feels the law is unjust, we recognise the undisputed power of the jury to acquit even if its verdict is contrary to the law as given by the judge, and contrary to the evidence.

If the jury feels that the law under which the defendant is accused is unjust, or that exigent circumstances justified the actions of the accused, or for any reason which appeals to their logic or passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the courts must abide by that decision.” United States v. Moylan; U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1969, 417 F. 2d 1002.

Neither in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, nor in all of Continental Europe and elsewhere, have legislatures ever been invested by the People with authority to impair the powers, to change the oaths, or abridge the jurisdiction of jurors to govern government; nor to remove the universal Right of the accused to the Trial by Jury of peers for any charge or offence whatever, however serious or trivial.

Today, U.S. v Moylan is not exemplified by the modus operandi of courts. Democracy has been overturned by miscreant politicians and judiciary, and the genuine emancipatory Trial by Jury is no more (ref. the illegally denied simple Juror’s Duties definitive of Trial by Jury, which are delineated on the webpage).


ALL those worthy causes, restitution, compensation and redress will be swiftly WON by folks following RESTORATION of the Juror’s Authority to decide such issues in the People’s all-powerful Courts of the Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury backed by the full apparatus of police, prison service and Armed Services.

 In effect, your ongoing failure to teach others with whom you communicate how the simple mechanisms of the genuine Trial by Jury embody the sole effective panacea against government crime and injustice misleads them to waste time, effort and resources on countless little petitions, ‘campaigns’ and efforts alas doomed from the outset.

 Instead of, as you say, “With lots of sighs and hopes against all odds,” you greatly change the odds when you transfer to others the straightfoward facts about their superior Common Law and its sole Justice System for all causes, civil, criminal and fiscal; that of Trial by Jury. For by that activity, rather than sighs and hopes, you give people the omnipotent weapon which they so desperately need and by which they can once more peacefully decide their laws and liberties for themselves.

 Restoration permanently removes unconstitutional undue ‘authority’ from the felonious one-sided government-paid judges, Trial by Jury justly restoring this supreme sovereign rôle to We the People.

 Yours sincerely, Kenn d’Oudney.

 —– Original Message —–

From: Sabine K McNeill

To: ‘Sabine K McNeill’

Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2013 2:16 PM

Subject: Victims Unite: of Child Snatchers outside Downing Street – and as McKenzie Friends

 Hi [with apologies for any duplication] I would have liked to alert you to Caul Grant’s court hearing last Tuesday, but BT lost my landline and broadband for a week! Whether as victim of a telecoms company, other corporations, Social Services, family or other courts, it is only a small consolation to know that one is not alone. It helps – especially when we get to know one another and end up helping each other. There’s an opportunity for victims of child snatchers outside Downing Street – until next Friday when petition signatures will be deliverd. A networking meeting also took place at the House of Commons and in the Jubilee Cafe again – and the video is on or in short The video is accompanied by an excellently presented exposure: retired BA pilot Len Lawrence shows how he was made a victim of the Court of ‘Protection’, so that his house could be sold under value, with lawyers cashing £100,000 and his ex-wife getting 85%. It’s called being ‘sectioned’ or having ‘lack of capacity’. The mental capacity to manage your own affairs. I was first made aware of this situation by an expatriate in Canada whose aunt suffered this fate so that she could not inherit, but everybody who was nearer the honey pot or public gravy train. John Hemming MP has been interested in these ‘secret prisoners’ for they may end up not only without ‘capacity’ but also in prison or mental hospitals, as Maurice Kirk and Norman Scarth have experienced. From his experience, Len Lawrence has discovered not only the unlawful use of the Mental Capacity Act, but also the connection with adoptions without parental consent. What an easy way of getting hold of your assets, when you are old, and your children, when you are young: let’s declare you not to have mental capacity. In fact, we can go further: once you leave prison, we can put you under a ‘Community Treatment Order’, i.e. you’ll get an injection once a month. We don’t need to tell you what’s in it. And why should you know what the side effects may be… I know one very remarkable woman who has been through this process. Fortunately, she’s, so far, the only one I know. In my attempts to help individual cases as well as draw public attention to white collar crimes and criminals, I am maintaining a few blogs: · Punishment without Crime is a development of Ian Josephs’ forced adoption and focuses on child snatching as the most heinous of all white collar crimes – with an utter perversion of ‘justice’ in secret family courts: o The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted now is an going petition that is before the President of the Family Division as well as the Attorney General. o Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent is our appeal to the EU Parliament via their Petitions Committee – please sign so that we can reach the 2,000 limit soon! o The Dossier of Evidence is a compilation of links that hopefully will convince anybody that children are screaming to be heard. · Victims Unite is the general melting pot with posts, comments and visits o Public inquiry into white collar crimes is still open for signatures and we will approach the Justice Select Committee next. · When victims become starfighters, campaigners and activists, they often help others as McKenzie Friends o Hence we formed the Association of McKenzie Friends for voluntary public advocacy while assisting Litigants in Person § We have found a professional McKenzie Friend Alex Moore who acts as our legal advisor. § We have also found the Public Law Barrister Tomor Bahja who has submitted an excellent Judicial Review to stop the deportation of an American mother in jail who has not seen her 5-year-old son for 20 months. § And we anticipate acquiring charitable status and organise training as next steps. § Since the Judicial Working Group published its report about Litigants in Person, we need to mind the gap between ‘them’ the legal professionals and us the victims and ‘amateurs’! o Help4Lips is a partner organisation that has not only a Womens Lawyer on board but also premises that can be used for mediation, meeting and training purposes. · We Who Oppose Deception is for everybody who sees through the illusions produced by Hollywood and the mainstream media: o I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans is my latest post. All in all, I would prefer if you clicked on the FOLLOW THIS BLOG button rather than hope I maintain email lists. This ‘decentralised’ way of organizing communication is much more congenial to the pace at which we change interest and email addresses, besides the ability to cope with too many missives. And thus I wish you a ‘happy click and read’, while I keep doing my best NOT to despair at all crimes and cruelty that people do to others – by ‘just doing their job’ – just as in Nazi times, it seems… With lots of sighs and hopes against all odds, Sabine

 Better never to vote at all than vote for a person who does not make EQUAL JUSTICE the prime aim of government by RESTORATION and UNIVERSAL ADOPTION of Constitutional Legem Terræ Common Law Trial by Jury.”

Click to read about the authentic Constitutional Trial by Jury Justice System.

 Kenn d’Oudney is the author of books and essays including the following:

Kenn d’Oudney est auteur de livres et essais y compris les suivants: Kenn d’Oudney ist Autor von Büchern und Essays einschließlich der folgenden:

 MYTHS DISPELLED: AN OPEN LETTER TO JAMES MADISON (descendant). Essay: read it and see for yourself how the Constitution’s Justice System is supposed to work to protect rights, liberty, property ownership and use, and achieve equal justice for all and discover… THE ILLEGALITY OF THE STATUS QUO.

 Hi Kenn: What a magnificent article! I intend to incorporate parts of it into my speeches and writings. Yours in freedom and justiceProfessor Julian Heicklen, Jury Rights’ Activist; Coordinator, Tyranny Fighters; U.S.

 Kenn d’Oudney is a brilliant writer and researcher when it comes to Democracy and Trial by Jury. The best source of common law is Kenn d’Oudney.

Dr. John Wilson,

Jury Rights’ Activist; co-Founder & Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

 Superb. Should be read in every law school.” John Walsh, Barrister-at-Law, Author; Constitutional lawyer (U.S. & Australia).


freely downloadable information about pan-European legem terræ common law, the Law of the Land, whose central tenet and sole justice system is the all-powerful People’s Trial by Jury Courts, defining the true European and pan-Occidental Constitution.

 Thank you for your excellent work on Magna Carta. What a masterly exposition.” JOHN GOURIET, Chairman, Defenders of the Realm; Battle for Britain Campaign supported by The Duke of Wellington; Edward Fox, OBE, and Frederick Forsyth, CBE.

Kenn, Your rebuttal is masterly. Your essay is a very good read.” ROBIN TILBROOK, Chairman & Party Leader; English Democrat Party.

 Thank you so much for this contribution. It is very much appreciated.” ASHLEY MOTE, MEP (Member of the European Parliament); Vice-President, Alliance of Independent Democrats in Europe.

 Thanks, Kenn. I’ve circulated this.”

SIMON RICHARDS, Campaign Director; The Freedom Association; Founded by John Gouriet; the Viscount de L’Isle, VC, KG, PC; Ross McWhirter and Norris McWhirter, CBE.

 TRIAL BY JURY: ITS HISTORY, TRUE PURPOSE AND MODERN RELEVANCE ISBN 9781902848723, with endorsements and edited section authored by U.S. lawyer Lysander Spooner;

 SRC Publishing Ltd., London, available from world distribution by LULU of North Carolina.

 THE REPORT, CANNABIS: THE FACTS, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW ISBN 9781902848204, co-authored by Joanna d’Oudney; Foreword by a Nobel laureate former Official Adviser to the U.S. government; endorsed by a Professor of Physiology Fellow of the Royal Society, academics, doctors (of a variety of disciplines) and judges (U.S. & U.K.); Softback, 260 large-size pages.

 You have done a splendid job of producing a comprehensive summary of the evidence documenting that the prohibition of the production, sale and use of cannabis is utterly unjustified and produces many harmful effects. Any impartial person reading your REPORT will almost certainly end up favouring the re-legalisation of cannabis.” NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR MILTON FRIEDMAN, former Economics’ Adviser to U.S. government; Author, video and TV series writer and presenter; Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace; Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago.

 You represent a worthy part of the fight in many countries for the logical and beneficial use of cannabis. I thank you for that.” PROFESSOR PATRICK D. WALL, M.D., Author; Professor of Physiology, UMDS St. Thomas’s (Teaching) Hospital, London; Fellow of the Royal Society; DM, FRCP.

 I did enjoy reading it. THE REPORT should contribute much.” THE HON. JONATHON PORRITT, Bt., former Adviser to U.K. government on Environment; Author; Founder, Friends of the Earth; TV series writer and presenter.

SRC Publishing Ltd., London, available here from world distribution by LULU of North Carolina. Available as a textbook.


 THE REPORT ISBN 9781902848204: Part (chapter) Two  contains the unprecedented (new) Cannabis Biomass Energy Equation (CBEE; Modern Uses) which proves the clean-combusting production-cost-free, i.e., FREE, cannabis by-product pyrolytic CH3OH is the immediate non-polluting, renewable, total world replacement for fossils and uranium, whilst macro-cultivation simultaneously significantly increases world production of staple seed food (protein-rich; no relaxant in seed). The CBEE exposes the bankowner-corporate-government monumental ulterior motive behind fraudulent prohibition. ‘Prohibition’ is a venal, cartel-fabricated subterfuge; a false fuel-energy MONOPOLY.

 The CBEE Formulation proffers CH3OH oil-gasoline-type fuel combustion for all power-station, industrial, land, sea and air transportation and domestic energy supply, with ZERO net atmospheric increase of CO2. Viz. the CBEE thereby simultaneously demonstrates governments’ mendacity in their claims to wish to reduce carbon emissions, and proves the “eco” and “carbon taxes” to be fraudulent: a criminal government imposture completely without foundation. The misuse of exorbitant, world-economy-depressing fossils and uranium as ‘fuel’ is potentially catastrophic, legally and economically unjustifiable, and requires to be prohibited forthwith.

See pyrolysis diagrams, photo, equation, etc.

 Part Six of THE REPORT, PROHIBITION: THE PROGENITOR OF CRIME. “To cause crime to occur is to be accountable for the crime, morally and legally. To consent to any measure is to share responsibility for its results.” Legalised, cannabis grows anywhere: the benign herb’s foliage and flowers come free or at an insignificant price, but yielding no revenues to government and no profits to corporations. However, prohibition creates the Black Market: the Economic Effects of Prohibition (scarcity + enforcement, etc.) augment “street” value by 3000% plus, making all Black Market associated crime inevitable. The political commodities’ prohibition, the War on Drugs, rather that is to say, the politicians who pass and the judiciaries who maintain the legislation engender (cause) and are culpable for not less than 75 – 80 percent of all crimes (official statistics) throughout the West.

 EXONERATIVE FINDINGS OF FACT; Official Empirical Research; THE REPORT collates the medico-scientific Findings of Fact and Conclusions of the government-funded clinical studies conducted by world-respected research and academic institutions into non-toxic, non-addictive natural herb cannabis (differentiated from pharmaceutical laboratory toxic product THC). The investigations’ empirical evidence exonerates cannabis from all allegations of ‘harm’ and ‘impairment’ (including tests on simulated driving) exempting cannabis from all legislative criteria of control (‘prohibition’). All citizens persecuted thereunder are due Amnesty and Restitution (as for other Wrongful Penalisation).

 MEDICATION: Efficacious in over 100 adverse medical conditions (viz. Official Pharmacopoeias) including applications which are life-saving, preserve eyesight, Curative and/or Preventive, and with potential cheaply to replace numerous lines of lucrative but ineffective, debilitating, addictive, toxic pharmaceuticals, rendering massive financial government-corporate ulterior revenue and profit motive (trillions) behind apocryphal prohibition by perjurious derogation. + Medical Case Histories.

 Six Parts (chapters) include expert documentary, legal, academic, scientific, technical, medical, economic, social, criminological, philosophical evidence, and that which is based on grounds of equity, vindicating all private cultivation, trade, possession and use, and which further exposes perjury and venality behind prohibition ‘legislation’, all acts of enforcement constituting crime per se.

 Part Seven, RESTORATION: JUSTICE AND THE CONSTITUTION, exposes corruption, ineptitude and injustice in the justice process; examines Law: natural law, supreme secular legem terræ Constitutional common law, treaties, statutes; quotes presidents, judges, lawyers and chief justices.

 THE REPORT is regularly presented pre-trial by defendants to courts (judges) who routinely forbid all Findings of Fact, evidence and defences which “dispute the legality of the law” before the jury. The official and expert evidence in THE REPORT establishes the apocryphal, illegal nature of the legislation. THE REPORT quotes legal grounds (national and international) which demonstrate numerous infractions of laws by the prohibition legislation, and which show all acts of its enforcement to be crime per se. All citizens persecuted thereunder are due Amnesty and Restitution (as for other Wrongful Penalisation). This textbook demonstrates in the law: injustice, inequity, invalidity, adverse effects, venal ulterior motive, perjury, fallacious derogation, and the inherent illegality of law which creates the Black Market and engenders all associated crime.

The outcomes of this procedure of presenting THE REPORT as documentary evidence to the judge have proved beneficial in the extreme for defendants. *Courts require documentary evidence presented as the published textbook (not copies or e-book).

 WE THE PEOPLE AND THE MATTER OF WORDS; freely downloadable, indispensable information for the creation and sustainment of legitimate government and society;


THE CONSTITUTION TREATISE: Why the d’Estaing (‘European’) Constitution-Treaty Is the Antithesis of Democracy ISBN 9781902848747, see website for endorsements by U.S. & U.K. cognoscenti;


 “The d’Oudney analysis is as insightful as it is comprehensive. It will stand for years to come as the definitive critique of the European Constitution prepared by Giscard d’Estaing and others. I look forward to sharing the d’Oudney analysis with my colleagues.” HOWARD PHILLIPS, Founder, U.S. Constitution Party; three-time presidential nominee; Chairman, Conservative Caucus.

SRC Publishing Ltd., London.



An essay by Kenn d’Oudney.

Educational Information Series EIS#28.


DEMOCRACY DEFINED: ON THE ETYMOLOGY, HISTORY AND SIGNIFICATION OF THE WORD DEMOCRACY; the Sciences of Etymology, Semantics, Semasiology, and Philology determine whether your country is a definitive democracy or your government is a despotism. Viz. The word ‘democracy’ is widely abused and ‘defined’ incorrectly: Democracy is a state of society realised neither by referenda (mass voting for new laws), nor by suffrage (electoral voting for representatives), nor by representatives’ majorities’ legislatorial voting. Electoral voting, majority rule and ‘consensus politics’ neither create nor define democracy. This essay defines and summarises the unique signification and inestimable value to the human race of genuine Constitutional Democracy.


9-11 TRUTH LINKS COMPENDIUM; exposition with select video analysis & lectures; contributions by professors, architects, scientists, Federal Aviation Authority experts, former CIA, FBI, military and government officials, firemen, reporters and other eye-witnesses present; freely download this Compendium which serves as an introduction to the subject, and as a source of additional references for those already familiar with the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Note: The URL addresses of these serious documentaries do change from time to time. If you find the link broken, then paste the TITLE of the video given in our Compendium into YouTube and find the documentary video that way.




THE VALUE OR OTHERWISE OF LAW DICTIONARIES; part of the contents of a forthcoming book to be published by SRC Publishing. It is nevertheless, for the time being anyway, downloadable for free;


ON REFERENDA AND MAJORITY RULE; part of the contents of a forthcoming book downloadable for free;


RADIOACTIVITY FROM CROPS FED WITH PHOSPHATE ‘FERTILISER’ IS THE PRINCIPAL CAUSE OF CANCER; some Findings of Fact downloadable for free, extracted from THE REPORT ISBN 9781902848204 (referred to above);


CHIEF JUSTICE VAUGHAN’S RULING; on perhaps the most famous trial in history; Juror’s Rights and Duty and photo of the Old Bailey Commemorative Plaque;


WHY THE LEGAL PROFESSION CANNOT DEFEND YOU; consider some of the judicable breaches of common law and Constitution to which modern government resorts in order to enforce its inequitable, illegal, and money-motivated statutes;


Further reading on the website: The Home Page of The not-for-profit Educational Campaign for RESTORATION and

UNIVERSAL ADOPTION of CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW TRIAL BY JURY. The Democracy Defined Campaign Philosophy is endorsed by academics, attorneys,

doctors (of jurisprudence, medicine, homeopathy, philosophy, etc.) and judges ( U.S . & U.K.). Join the Campaign ! Download and distribute free posters and educational pamphlets.

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