HAMPSTEAD SRA: The school’s new website 01 MAY ’15


The school’s new website

Thanks to Mrs G who reminds us that the school has a new website. It’s been up for a few weeks now but we thought we’d post it so everybody can see that all the names have been removed.

So rather than increase accountability and transparency in the light of these very serious allegations, which have not been properly investigated, the school chooses to reduce them.

It’s not the only school in Hampstead without a staff list. Highly suspicious.

I feel very sorry for any of the parents who might be worried about what’s going on: it’s not that easy to move your child from school to school.

I wonder who the new head teacher is. Let’s hope it’s not carousing “Mission Priest” Simon Atkinson, being shunted across from New End; another school the children allege hosts ritual abuse.




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