Abraham Reports a Terrible Allegation – Graphic Content

Abraham Reports a Terrible Allegation – Graphic Content

Dear Everybody

As you know we were lucky enough to exchange a few quick emails with Ella and Abraham this morning.

They gave us information about a few areas of the case.

They are currently recording an audio book – soon to be released.

So when Abraham shared the following I told him that I would explain to you all that they would both be explaining more in the book – they weren’t just dropping in terrible, traumatic facts then running off and leaving us hanging.

The alleged fact is that Ella’s daughter described in detail how she was taught to carve flesh and disembowel infants for internal organ removal.

Once the babies were cooked, the cult members all took a different part to eat: Ricky Dearman ate the heart; Mr Hollins ate the feet.

Before the babies were killed, they were brutally traumatized. This was so that their terrified little systems produced a drug named Adrenochrome.

They were thrown up and down in the air and thrown onto the floor.

Eating them gave the cult members a high of some kind.

We have heard similar before – this testimony may corroborate others’.

In fact, we’re sure a Hampstead Research supporter had already left a comment about this drug but there are now so many comments on the blog we can’t find it.

I’m now going to re-post the In Memoriam for babies and children.



Abraham Reports a Terrible Allegation – Graphic Content.

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