Hampstead- Analysis of the September 17th Police Interview

Hampstead – Analysis of the September 17th Police Interview

May 2, 2015 jacquifarmer1984 jacquifarmer1984:

Another excellent analysis; you would imagine that this was written by a pro, it’s so thorough.

Originally posted on crimesofempire: Witness/Victim G in the September 17th Interview. Hampstead Retraction Interview AnalysisThis work will claim that a Police cover up is completely exposed by examination of the way the interviewing officer repeatedly intimidated the witness during the September 17th “retraction” interview and that the conduct of the interview indicates that the police investigative goal was to protect the abusers from criminal prosecution and destroy the future credibility of the witness/victim G rather than to discover the truth.Context.

The interview of September the 17th was the third interview of witness G. Witness G and his sister A had been taken into the care of the state following the previous interview of September 11th, 2014. The children are in the care of the state and the child is unaccompanied in the interview, a fact that seems extraordinary given the adversarial nature of the interview. The taped portion of the September 17th…

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