HAMPSTEAD: Satanic Fundraising

Satanic Fundraising

I can’t tell you how many times I and the other researchers on the team have stopped to say, “Another fundraising event?!”

We noticed right from the start, when rummaging through alleged cult members’ Facebook pages that there was a strong fundraising theme with these people.

Even though many of them have full-time jobs – some are highly-placed executives – they still found the time to get out their begging bowls.

They were frequently contributing to each other’s efforts.

We decided that this might be rooted in a karmic belief – something about repaying evil deeds with money. Like the spiritual “indulgences” the Catholic Church used to sell: if you were rich enough you could buy your way out of it and remain in heaven.

So you could eat babies and run it off in the London Marathon!

We’re not saying that all people who fundraise are Satanists, of course. We’ve done enough of it ourselves – in the days before we realized we were all being taken for a ride by these big charities.

Most people who fundraise are just good decent people who want to support a cause or feel called to contribute in some way.

But I’m just skim-reading the (must-read) PDF we were sent – linked in our previous post –


about High Satanism. And came across this explanation:

The idea is that everyone in the Illuminati must produce income for their superiors or they must do some type of work that the Committee considers to be useful.

So that’s it! These fundraisers are doing all this marathon running and swimming and trekking and cycling  and bunjee jumping and all the rest of the tomfoolery because it is considered “useful” by the higher ups!

Just like Jimmy Savile.

Of course, he was fundraising for Stoke Mandeville hospital a lot of the time – so that we would pay for a venue at which he could abuse children…….and who knows what else went on there?

Childline is a popular charity for cult members, too – it sounds so good to be running a Marathon to help Childline: no normal person will suspect you are funding an organization that keeps a close eye on what abuse survivors know!

We’ll be posting more on this.


PS Thanks to this supporter for drawing attention to this fascinating document. We will be featuring Jeanice Barcelo very soon – we love her work.


Satanic Fundraising.

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