HAMPSTEAD SRA: One Action We Can Take to Stop These People

One Action We Can Take to Stop These People

May 1, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Ref the Satanic Fundraising post:


It is clear we are being taken for a ride.One thing we can consider doing is canceling any regular donations we are making to large charities.There are smaller charities, such as Donkey Sanctuaries and so on, that are probably OK.But why not cancel standing orders to the big ones?Instead, give the cash away to to hard up family members? Friends in crisis?Deserving homeless people? Not all of them are scroungers – many are abuse victims who need to pay for a hostel for the night.

Send some to our lovely Angie, who is trying to raise the money for her son’s stem cell treatment.Treat yourself, even!

Take back your power – stop funding the cult – get back control of your cash, your giving and your hearts.After all, how do we know that these “Save Africa” charities are not funding and running baby trafficking?

We can’t!


via One Action We Can Take to Stop These People.

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