HAMPSTEAD: Why I am posting at 100mph?

Why I am posting at 100mph

May 2, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Dear Everybody

I know some of you find the numbers of posts I blog a little confusing.I apologise to those people – and fully understand.

But I feel a sense of urgency about getting this information out.

Ella and Abraham have an appeal case management meeting next Tuesday (they will not be there).Some of our material contains what may be admissible evidence.And the supporting material e.g. testimonies and videos about Satanic abuse can only help.They must also help people who are new to this material.

I did a little survey a few days ago and asked you all if you wanted me to slow down and nearly everybody said “No – POST MORE!” Or similar.So what I am trying to do is post in the morning/midday the devote the afternoons and evenings to research, emails and so on.ThanksJacqui

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