How did Ella meet Dearman?

How did Ella meet Dearman?

I’ve just been emailed this question by a good friend of Hampstead Research who was confused  about how Ella had got involved with alleged  cult member/financier  Will Draper then, as if that was not bad enough, landed up with Ricky Dearman! So I thought I’d blog my reply for your interest.

But this is only what I was told by one of the McKenzie Friends.

This is not from Ella.

So I don’t know if it’s true.

It sounds quite feasible, though. As follows:


Will Draper went wife-hunting in Russia (not an agency, by the way). Met Ella, who was, being sweet and innocent, easily fooled.

They got married, returned to London, had a son.

Probably she knew something was wrong – she left him. He took their son James.

Ella set up her yoga business.

One day Ricky Dearman turned up as a yoga student. Talking vegan!

Draper had tipped him off – “Get in there – good breeding material, naive woman etc”.

Ella fell for his acting.

And that was it.

Again, please remember that I don’t know if it is true – I imagine we will hear the full story in Ella and Abraham’s audio book.

Ella – I hope you don’t mind that I have blogged  this. I think people will want to know. Please correct us if we’re wrong.




How did Ella meet Dearman?.


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