HAMPSTEAD SRA: Finchley Lido

Finchley Lido May 2, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Thanks to a supporter who emailed us a while back with the screen shots below.Reminding us that the Finchley Lido has recently been refurbished.How convenient!The old look can be viewed on the Virtual Tour of the old site, found here on the Wayback Machine:


I thought that this was important to post because Video Man was/is very sceptical that all those adults were supposed to be able to fit into a Disabled Toilet while they were “doing sex” to the children.It does sound unbelievable.But I believe that the children are talking about those very wide toilets and changing rooms that are frequently seen in gyms and leisure centres, as seen in the screen shot below.

Maybe the adults weren’t actually in the cubicle but the door would have been wide enough; if it had been left open, plenty of spectators would have been able to sit on the benches.Sorry for another nitty gritty topic but we all have to scrutinise and talk about these allegations.

source:  Finchley Lido.

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