HAMPSTEAD SRA: Vids with scary Satanic music

Vids with scary Satanic music

May 2, 2015May 2, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Over the years I’ve watched many videos about the topic of Satanism.

But I’m not a Satanist so I’ve no real idea what the truth of the matter is.But one thing I know for sure is:WE MUST NOT FEAR THIS STUFF.

So I’m not into watching videos about this material that are dubbed with scary music.Scary music is not what we need.We need facts.Some kind of evidence.Grounded research.Transparent investigations. Honest, reliable police and judiciary.

Not Belshazzar’s Feast.

Adding scary music to videos about this material, no matter how well this is meant, can make we, the good people, look like crackpots.

Not to mention survivors.I just previewed a video that was playing scary music over a newspaper article about Ofsted!I expect that the poster meant well but I am not blogging it.We must not forget that many of us have all been programmed over years of watching mainstream TV and gaming.Fears have been implanted into our subconscious minds.So when we hear scary music we are triggered into a fear state.And that is no good!

We just need to stay grounded and look at the facts.And make sure that our emotions are not being used for a negative agenda.In some videos, this cannot be avoided – the information gained compensates for the dramatic scary music. But more often than %

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