HAMPSTEAD SRA: An Australian Survivor Speaks – Warning – Extremely Graphic

An Australian Survivor Speaks – Warning – Extremely Graphic

May 4, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Australia has a huge problem with Satanism. The cult has infiltrated itself throughout society and countless Australian children are at risk.

The link below contains extremely graphic material; a witness testimony about being groomed by a female paedophile. So only read it if you have a strong stomach.I apologise to anyone who finds these topics oppressive but his situation is so very very real, I’m compelled to post so it hits home.

The fact that there are so many trolls out there demonstrates how desperate this cult is to keep a lid on things.So I’m going to keep posting.Sorry.This cult has infiltrated our societies but it is not too late to do something about it!And arguing in forums won’t help – it is fiddling while Rome burns. http://www.vickidunen.blogspot.com

via An Australian Survivor Speaks – Warning – Extremely Graphic.

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