HAMPSTEAD SRA: What can we do about the Satanists?

What can we do about the Satanists?

May 4, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

There are many things we can do – or not do – about these people.First, we have to remember that they are in the minority. It just does not look like that because they have infiltrated positions of power and some have lots of money.

But if we all take responsibility as individuals to do something, not matter how small it is, we can all make a difference.They are trying to turn everything upside down, aren’t they?So let’s just start turning things back the right way up! For example: Cancelling donations to big charities and giving to the needy we can see around us (there are enough of those).Stopping dressing our children like adults.Saying no to nonsense from bullying teachers.Increasing the amount of good in the world e.g. helping out a neighbour.Turning off the TV.Reporting suspected abuse.Sticking up for somebody vulnerable.Writing to complain to the BBC.

These are just examples but we are NOT powerless as individuals. We don’t have to join groups or take leave from work to attend marches; there are a thousand things we can do quietly at home, or at work, or just on the way to the shops…….to stop them.We can make it a personal, private fight.If we all did that then things would get a lot better quite quickly.

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