Topsy Turvy Land and a Tenner


Topsy Turvy Land and a Tenner

May 4, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Thanks to a Dutch supporter who asks:In the Chronology of the contacts and father’s involvement in A and G’s lives Ella Draper writes that Mr Dearman was taking the children to Topsy Turvy Land.“

He was taking them to the places where there were disabled toilets: at nearby Golders Hill park, Starbucks in Hampstead, Costa coffee in Golders Green, Topsy Turvy indoor children’s activity centre.

He was putting, twigs, small rocks, PVC glue, pieces of toilet tissues in their bottoms, and then making the children to poo it out while watching.

During the second interview of G, he says that abuse took place in the disabled toilets of East Finchley swimming pool. It’s then very disturbing to hear G say that during the week before the retraction, Mr Dearman was allowed to take the children out (whilst taken away from the mother) on two separate occasions: to Topsy Turvy and East Finchley swimming pool. And that he gave them ten pounds – it was the first time he had ever given them pocket money. (Video courtesy of Video Man)

Although the forensic linguistic analyst did not catch what G said, it seems that G meant Topsy Turvy Land. How is it possible that the alleged abuser is able to take the children out unsupervised? After the children had%2

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