HAMPSTEAD NEW: The Burden of Proof

The Burden of Proof

May 5, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Another excellent post from our brilliant (and funny) Drifloud: The Authorities’ Achilles Heel in all of this is the recordings “The evidence document audio” and the “Distinguishing Marks” videos given to DC Alan Rogers by JC Yaohirou. Rogers concealed this evidence from the police and social services investigating teams.

This evidence supporting the children’s accusations passes the BURDEN OF PROOF from the accusers to the accused, who NOW have to disprove the children’s claims (those in the “legal” profession are aware of this). There’s only one way they can do this: medical examinations. The police, social services, Pauffley, all the MSM, hoaxsters and trolls have maintained a unified total silence over these identifying vids/drawings, because they cannot refute this evidence.

They daren’t even fling filth at it to try to discredit it for fear of drawing attention to this utterly damning evidence.I posted the following at “Whistleblowers” some weeks ago:Video evidence aside, it’s quite obvious that standard questions police officers (especially those in a special Child Abuse Unit) NEED to ask in a child rape investigation are those aimed at verifying any identifying marks on or around the alleged attackers’ private parts – just as ella and abraham realised, and therefore did as

via The Burden of Proof.

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