HAMPSTEAD NEW: Why Weren’t E and A Arrested Immediately?

Why Weren’t E and A Arrested Immediately?

May 5, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Thanks to Tim, another of our brilliant posters, who makes this point: Judge Pauffley, incredibly, exonerated all the people the children accused and stated that in fact the mother and step-father jointly, were guilty of “torture”.

A more serious allegation or finding could scarcely be imagined. If evidentially supportable, and the assertion should not have been made without it, it would also undoubtedly have led to a recommendation of arrest, which from a High Court Judge, would carry some weight.

There is some evidence that this was attempted in somewhat of a ham-fisted manner by ‘nine burly policemen’ but this obviously pre-dated the judgement and appeared to be in connection with breaching the secrecy of the court proceedings, rather than any substantive matter relating to the children themselves as later opined. The mother, rather understandably, escaped and apparently fled to another jurisdiction, albeit leaving her side effectively unrepresented.

What is strange is that if Pauffley’s appraisal of the situation is an accurate representation of the situation (that father is innocent and mother is guilty) this would have been apparent from the moment the police had so-called completed their enquiries i.e. immediately following the the so called ‘retraction’ interview

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