BBC Subliminals

BBC Subliminals

May 6, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Dear Everybody

I am listening on and off to the BBC interview of poor David, who was violated by adults who were probably members of the Hampstead cult (particularly Janner) or other paedophilic or Satanic cults that interface with it.

The narrator says at around 17 mins in, “Historic sex abuse is a story of our time……”Well, BBC, it certainly is a story.That phrase was dropped in to enter listeners’ subconscious minds so that they brushed things off as being “all over now”.But the real “story” is that it is historic.

Because it is not historic.It is not just “sex abuse”, either.It is Satanic ritual abuse.And it is happening now.

To countless children.BBC, in hiding this fact you are complicit in the trafficking and murder of children.But what’s new?

How much were you paying Savile every year for his rubbish?

You provided him with a cover.


via BBC Subliminals.

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