HAMPSTEAD NEW: David David is not a Troll

David David is not a Troll

May 6, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

When I speedily exited a Facebook group the other day it was because I had been told that David David was a troll. But it was also because he was posting incorrect information and a graphic that looked as if it had been designed to confuse along with references to two different Facebook pages.

The well-meaning (and good friend of HR) who told me this was mistaken, it appears.But as I said, I can’t take risks with people’s identities.I’m sure David David understands.Here is his mature and positive comment – I hope he will accept a future request to continue researching. Although he is clearly doing enough on his own.So we don’t take anything for granted.

Apologies, David David. Keep up the good work. Sorry to hear you and your family had to go through that.JacquiPS David is right on UK Callum and co. Or I believe he is. I’m the one being accused of being a troll. I find it all quite childish, especially as there isn’t even a reason other than paranoia.

Over the last 3 years I’ve had a dedicated facebook page, to which I devoted a lot of time highlighting all the things wrong with the world. I’ve made some high level connections over the years and spend a lot of time researching in person at location, not just on the internet. I was als

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