HAMPSTEAD NEW: Death Threats in the Icke Forum

Death Threats in the Icke Forum

May 6, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Thanks to a regular who has alerted us to the fact that there is a “Death Treat vibe” going on in the David Icke Forum. Regarding Abraham.

It’s beyond me why anyone hangs out there in the first place!What a nasty place to be.I’ve had emails from quite a few people saying that they “look but daren’t post” on that website.How horrible!Scumbags.I know that Belinda and Sabine have David Icke’s personal email address so I am going to contact them both and ask them to report this.Of course, David Icke has enough to do – he is not directly responsible for what people say on his Forum.

But it might be worth a try.I’ll keep you all posted.And I want to stress, again, that everybody is safe to post here. We have a zero tolerance Troll Policy.This is a KIND website.Someone sent me Le Dingue’s personal details yesterday – thanks to that kind poster. S/he said we could post them.

They appeared to be genuine – apparently Le Dingue has been seen working at a police station in Southern England. We’ve kept the details but we’re not going to post them.Because we are even kind to the trolls.Yesterday they blogged “Jacqui Farmer we are not your friend” and I was a bit hurt after all the Troll bridge building%2

via  Death Threats in the Icke Forum.

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