HAMPSTEAD NEW: Social Media Clarification – 6 May ’15

Social Media Clarification

May 6, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

This is the only Hampstead Research. We are honoured to see that we are causing this Satanic cult and its supporters so much consternation that they are creating YouTube channels, Twitter and Facebook accounts and so on.

These trolls must be costing them a fortune! Please note that we are not active anywhere except here. We have YouTube channels which we use to post our videos to our faithful YouTubers (you know who you are – thanks for your contribution).

And we keep our mailing list up to date with video uploads so our faithful Twitter people can tweet them. (And when I say “faithful”, I do not mean faithful to us, I mean faithful to the children and Ella and Abraham……faithful to truth.) But if you don’t see it here first – it’s not us!

via Social Media Clarification.

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