Is this troll threatening Abraham?

Is this troll threatening Abraham?

May 5, 2015May 5, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Some trolls are OK – we would even go so far to say that we feel a little affection for them.

After all, it must be really hard having to lie and spew hate all day; it goes against the human condition, no matter how damaged a person might be.But there is one troll who is not very nice.His name is Le Dingue (possibly with reference to the contentious Australian Chamberlain case – it was ruled that a dingo had stolen a baby from her cot).He hangs out in the David Icke Forum a lot.

Le Dingue is the reason many good people are scared to post.A concerned friend has been watching out for Abraham online.S/he is worried that LD has been threatening him.S/he sent us these screen shots. S/he has lots more – we’re going through them now.What do you think?HR 1 5MAY15HR2 5MAY15

SEE ORIGINAL PICS!!  Is this troll threatening Abraham?.

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