Gary Rolph – Broadstairs

Solicitors acting for Broadstairs paedophile wrote letter to his victim, telling her to keep quiet


Sex beast Gary Rolph repeatedly raped a young girl and then threatened to hurt her mother if she dared report it.

And when she eventually revealed her two-year ordeal – the vile paedophile used a firm of lawyers to keep the victim quiet.

Now a judge has ordered an inquiry into how solicitors from the unnamed Kent firm came to write the threatening letter.

Because as a result, the 50-year-old rapist went on to commit even more attacks on young children.

Rolph, of Prince Charles Road, Broadstairs, was jailed for 17 years last October for the second set of sex attacks – but now Judge Heather Norton has passed a 24-year sentence.

It will mean that he will not be considered for parole before 2029 – and if he is released he will be on licence until he is 74.

Prosecutor Simon Taylor told Canterbury Crown Court how the teenage victim’s mother met Rolph.

The girl was then invited to visit his home where he plied her with drink until she became dizzy and he then told her to lie down.

Mr Taylor said: “The defendant followed her into the bedroom and grabbed her legs. She kicked him but his response was to say: ‘The more you do that, the more I will enjoy it.”

After raping her he allowed his victim to leave but threatened he would harm her mother if she revealed what had happened.

The girl told officers in her interview that the attacks were “continuous and aggressive after that. I just shut off.”

Mr Taylor said that five years later she plucked up courage and revealed what had happened and police arranged to interview her.

But she withdrew her complaint and it was only many years later she was able to tell the authorities why – she had received a warning from Rolph’s solicitors.

The letter to the abused and traumatised victim read: “If you repeat the false accusations then we will be advising our client with regard to remedies available to him at law.

“This is an extremely serious accusation to make and is, of course, totally refuted by Mr Rolph.”

But the prosecutor said the allegations were true – and the predator would eventually plead guilty to the savage rapes – but only after he had carried out more sex attacks.

In a Victim Impact Statement read to the judge, the victim wrote: “I had very little confidence in myself. I constantly put myself down. Feeling worthless was all I could feel.

“I blamed myself, all the time thinking I could have stopped it but not sure how.

“I drank a lot to block out the memories and knowing that no one believed me at the time was hell.

“There were times when I would wish he had just killed me then I would not have to live with the awful nightmares he left me with.”

Judge Norton passed a fresh 21-year jail term with a three-year extended sentence which will run concurrently with the 17-year sentence for the later attacks.

She told Rolph, who admitted rape: “You targeted and groomed your victim. I have absolutely no doubt that what she felt during her ordeal was sheer terror.

“Then you threatened that if she reported it you would hurt her mother, what effect that had on a young child hardly bears thinking about.

“This is offending of the gravest kind and the consequences of your action caused her severe psychological harm and I doubt they will ever go.”

October 2014

Broadstairs pervert jailed for 17 years after admitting 10 sex offences on children

A Broadstairs pervert – who sexually abused four children – has been jailed for a total of 17 years.

Gary Rolph – dressed in a dark green sweater – stood impassive in the dock as the judge passed sentences totaling 49 years for the 10 offences.

Judge Heather Norton ruled that that all bar two of the jail terms should run concurrently, but a 12-year and a five-year sentence would be consecutive, making 17 years.

The judge was told that since the police were alerted the predator had lost his job, his home and his marriage because of his crimes and will die “a broken and lonely old man”.

Canterbury Crown Court heard how he bribed, threatened and groomed his young victims to slake his vile distorted lust for sex with children.

Prosecutor John O’Higgins told how on one occasion he offered £50, then £100 and finally £150 to a schoolgirl for sex – but she refused.

Rolph, of Prince Charles Road, threatened one girl he would “stop her breathing” if she didn’t agree to his perverted wishes.

The prosecutor said other victims were plied with brandies or the vodka alcopop WKD before the sick pervert abused them.

One girl was locked in his van and told she would be raped if she didn’t agree to his demands. 

Rolph admitted 10 sex charges including attempted rape and another five – which he had denied – were ordered to be left on the file.

Judge Norton told him he had shown no remorse for his attacks and only pleaded guilty the day before a trial was due to start when the four victims would have been forced to re-live their ordeals.

She said the sex fiend had tried to blame one of the girls for forcing him to carry out the sex attacks – and accused the other three of telling lies.

“All four of your victims are without blame – you have extremely distorted thinking. That’s the assessment of the probation officer and I agree with it.”

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