HAMPSTEAD SRA: Children right: Satanists call rituals “Parties”

Children right: Satanists call rituals “Parties”

May 7, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

In their testimony the children regularly refer to “parties” they had to attend, where sex is/was done to them.(At this point, please remember in your thoughts/prayers A and G and the other children who this cult is, allegedly, abusing.

In one of her interviews, we recall Ella stating that one day she was not happy with Ricky Dearman wanting to take the children to a “party” – the children were very young and it was rather late.

We also note that alleged abuser Maria Yilmaz had posted a video reference to “parties” on her Facebook page. She has since deleted her page. But her reference to “parties” sat next to a joke about a witch’s broom…..she was laughing at people like us, who were hearing the children and believed their testimony that she was a Satanist.

But we screen shot it. We will post it soon enough.This is more evidence to substantiate the children’s allegations. Because Anthony LaVay tells us that Satanists call rituals “parties”.

And the children talk about lots of parties.They were, whether they knew it or not, using the code word for “ritual”.

source:  Children right: Satanists call rituals “Parties”.

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