HAMPSTEAD SRA: More Evidence on “Parties” 7 MAY ’15

More Evidence on “Parties” May 7, 2015May 7, 2015 jacquifarmer1984 Thanks to poster David, who points out: Parallels to the Hollie Greig Case:Hollie stated her abusers claimed to be swingers and implied that this was a good thing to be; they tried to persuade Hollie to be a swinger too. Hence “Parties” would likely be the term used. Indeed.Poor Hollie!How terrible that a little girl with a learning disability was violated and exploited like that.The cult thought that she would never be able to speak out.But she did.Hollie is another one who was sick of their disgusting abuse. Here is Alexandra Palace’s Swingers’ Club:http://www.ourplace4fun.com/Alexandra Palace is within walking distance of Hampstead. And (before he deleted his Facebook page), alleged cult financier Will Draper was Friends on Facebook with an organisation called Lee Brown Events.Lee Brown Events (otherwise known as Randy Hardwood), organises adult parties.We have video from Facebook but are not going to upload these large files……Yet. So feel free, everyone, if you can stomach it, to have a tunnel into the North London Swingers and adult party scene.Lots of it is pretty normal (if you’re into having group sex in public) but there are a few scary looking operating tables, sluices and dentists’ chairs out there.

via More Evidence on "Parties".

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