HAMPSTEAD NEWS: Satanism in Wales

Satanism in Wales

May 7, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

Thanks to B, who emailed us the very interesting info below.

As I blogged yesterday, this paedophilic cult could easily interface with the Hampstead cult.

We note that Peter Ferris, Ricky Dearman’s manager, lives (on and off) in Wales.The children have not named Ferris as an abuser so we have decided not to do a video about him.But we will be posting a few interesting snippets. Colin Batley was a Satanic priest belonging to a group know as Illuminates-of-thanaterosThe cult all lived in the same cul-de-saq in Wales I believe a very similar thing is happening in Hampstead.

News Article


Here is their book/manual whatever please note it does have some disturbing images


This is what I found very interesting it’s a blog from an ex member.


Here is site ref a meet up in London

Zero State and the Illuminates of Thanateros

Saturday, Apr 14, 2012, 12:00 PM

The Wheatsheaf
25 Rathbone Place London, W1T 1JB, GB

18 futurists Went

ZS and the IOT are meeting at 12:00 Sat 14 April 2012. The topic is “Belief as an Engineering Tool”, plus a general chat about possible cooperation. We have hired a room for this one, in a pub near Tottenham Court Road in Central London

Check out this Meetup →

via Satanism in Wales.

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