HAMPSTEAD SRA: Appeal to the Decent Satanists

Appeal to the Decent Satanists

May 10, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

“Dear” Decent Satanists

You seem to know a lot more than we do.Can you tell us more about what these weird people who are members of the Hampstead cult believe?

Some of our regulars observe that these people and those like them seem to have infiltrated positions of power.They seem to own the BBC, for example.There appears to be a huge baby trafficking network that operates internationally……to supply babies for their rituals.These people, it seems, are eating babies!They can’t be Jewish because there are many decent Jewish people and Ricky Dearman’s not Jewish (we don’t think).

Some of them will be but not all by any means.So how do you see the situation?You know more than we do.We’d be very grateful if one of you could explain.Or suggest a word for us to use that is not “Satanism” as we don’t want to offend your religion.(Sorry, Christian visitors but fair’s fair.)



via Appeal to the Decent Satanists.

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