Letter To Beatrix Campbell

by jacquifarmer1984

Thanks to a valued supporter, the forensic linguist, who is so concerned about the children and Ella and Abraham’s welfare that he has spent hours on analyses and now takes the time to write to Beatrix Campbell and solicit her views on the case.

Beatrix Campbell ran for MP, as a Green, in Hampstead in 2010. She is an OBE and an influential marxist-feminist. She was ridiculed for her writing about ‘Ritual Sacrifice’, a conspiracy involving high-ranking members of the police and people in powerful places, in the New Statesman in 1990.

If Beatrix replies, we hope that she will be able to draw on lessons learned during the Cleveland cover-up and offer a little advice on what seems to be turning into a social media campaign.

Dear Beatrix

I came across your name while researching satanic ritual abuse. Because you identified its existence nearly 30 years ago – and a (potential) Establishment connection – I’d like to discuss with you a case that is happening now.

Have you heard about the allegations of ritual child abuse in Hampstead? It has been widely covered in the media as a hoax, following a public Family Court judgement by Justice Pauffley. However, the public availability of video evidence not considered by Pauffley as well as justifiable criticisms of her judgement and police conduct has led a significant and growing number of people to conclude that the allegations are, at the very least, worth investigating.

I am a forensic linguist and have been heavily involved in researching the case and analysing some of the interviews, working closely with the dedicated research team behind hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com. We are in contact with the mother of the two children (who were taken by Social Services following her reporting of the allegations against their father to the police) and legal representatives.

So we are close enough to the case to present it to you, in written form or conversation. We would like to communicate with you further about this. If you are interested, please drop me a line at xxxxxxx and I will send you more info or arrange a briefing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

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