Scores of important posts from Hampstead Research site http://www.hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com  that have appeared on this blog have been moved to a new category, its link can be found underneath the list of “ARCHIVES” on the right of this page:  Categories HAMPSTEAD “WHISTLEBLOWER KIDS” SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE [SRA].

Meanwhile, below are some vital posts, and videos on the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse [SRA] “Whistleblower Kids” case, which isn’t getting either the proper and true justice it deserves – in the courts, for example, or in the media, who seem to be keeping very quiet about the entire Hampstead SRA subject, except for railroading and deriding it as nonsense…we wonder why that is???  

Received 24 May 2015:

 Hampstead Crime Report & Injunction application 

24 May 2015 at 08:52

Dear Friends & family,
The mainstream media is being invited to publish the 29 page Hampstead Satanic Ritual Crime Report, see attached and attend court 37 at noon next Tuesday 26 May 2015 in RCJ Strand London, UK for my emergency injunction against all dishonour in public service in the UK and globally.
Please share by forwarding this email and attachments.
Thanking you in advance
Neelu Berry
Crime Report – Hampstead SRA allegations warrant a proper Police investigation
A 29 page Crime Report concludes that the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations must be properly investigated by Police
Mainstream media is being invited to support an end to satanic cults running all public service in the UK, by supporting a proper investigation by Police.
Media Contacts:
Belinda McKenzie Belinda McKenzie <b.mckenzie@btinternet.com> 0208 340 6779
Neelu Berry lou lotus <lotusprincess4u@gmail.com> 07767 146398
Injunction application in court 37 RCJ London at 12 noon on Tuesday 26th May 2015 against those satanist supporters or agents, in public service, who are perverting the course of justice by Dishonour (terrorism against whistleblowers by kidnaps and attempted kidnaps of witnesses and whistleblowers, forced entries into their homes and theft of laptops etc…) 
Neelu Berry V United Kingdom Corporation, see 29 page Crime Report and 9 page Application bundle attached
2 Attachments
Crime Report: Official Collusion and Cover-up of a Reported Paedophile Cult “The Whistleblower Kids”, “The Hampstead Scandal”
Legal Bundle:
An explanatory video on the Hampstead SRA case [most videos have been deleted from the Internet]:
on the Hampstead PEDOPHILE/SATANIC RITUAL problem – Febuary 16 2015

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Fact finding to substantiate the children’s allegations

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