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Help ECPAT UK tackle child trafficking in the UK

“Working with trafficked children every day, we witness the struggles they go through to recover from the brutalities of trafficking. Your support is crucial.”
Bharti Patel, CEO of ECPAT UK

“The husband… he was just whacking me and whacking me.”1 

At 13, Abi* was trafficked to the UK from West Africa and forced into domestic slavery, working 18 hour days for a family that exploited and beat her.
Fortunately, Abi managed to escape and was referred to ECPAT UK’s youth group for trafficked children. While she is now free, hundreds of other children in the UK remain subject to sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and forced criminality. Those who are lucky enough to escape emerge with a shattered self-image, and are vulnerable to being re-trafficked.
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Around 60% of trafficked children disappear soon after they are placed in care, never to be heard from again.2 Your donation will enable ECPAT UK to provide emotional support and practical advice to child survivors through peer support groups.

One trafficking victim said,

 “When I first came to ECPAT UK I was not very good. Things were very bad for me. Here there are people who listen to me and make me laugh. Now I am more confident. I sometimes help ECPAT UK with the training and am going to college to make a better life for me and my child.”Please donate today to give child survivors a second chance.Sadly, trafficking in the UK is on the rise.3 ECPAT UK is working tirelessly to put an end to this practice by tackling the root causes and need to fund crucial research to develop permanent solutions to trafficking.

With your support, ECPAT UK can remain at the forefront of the fight against trafficking.Together we can be the generation to end modern slavery.


Zoe, Eugenia, Joanna, Lucinda, Ryan, and the rest of the ECPAT UK and Walk Free teamP.S. 100% of funds raised will go directly to ECPAT UK: please make a gift to help protect trafficked children in the UK.
* name changed to protect identity
ECPAT UK interview with child trafficking survivor

Walk Free is a movement of people everywhere, fighting to end one of the world’s greatest evils: Modern slavery.

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ECPAT is the UK’s leading authority on the protection of trafficked children and the prevention of child trafficking. They support dozens of young people to fight for their rights and rebuild their lives. They have an impressive record of campaigning successfully for systemic change, such as the Modern Slavery Act, and regularly help authorities to identify and protect trafficked children.

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