Child Abuse Inquiry To Hire A Further 21 Barristers, Angering Survivors And Charities – RESEARCHING REFORM

What is simple is: no barrister can work without a tick by his name from the government. As in the Musa case, they can throw cases – and how! 21 barristers can “muddy the waters” considerably regarding getting near the enormity of truth that should come out because of this so-called enquiry. A “fait-accompli” when alls said and done. Prepare to be fobbed off.

Researching Reform

It’s difficult at this stage to work out whether the Inquiry panel are simply devoid of common sense or just looking to profit from the process, but the news that the nation’s Statutory Inquiry Into Child Abuse is to hire a further 21 barristers is going down like a lead balloon.

Justice Goddard, the new Chair for the Inquiry has decided (we might assume with guidance and prodding from others in the legal sector), to hire 21 more barristers to help with the running of the inquiry. This does not surprise us, as we mentioned in an earlier post that the inquiry would become lawyer-centric in its next incarnation, with the vast majority of panel members now from the legal sector.

Not surprisingly, this has upset survivors and victims of abuse. Some are calling the move an exercise in profiteering, others a form of alienation which may well deter…

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