We may have an important point

In other words – its been said on this blog that Lavey [top evil and church of s atan founder] was a liar – he said it himself in videos, and seeing that s atanists do the opposite of everything viz. telling lies instead of truth, anything that one of these cult followers state surely has to be treated as a lie.
Why this character “Fraize” [calling himself something he is clearly is not – “Rev” – another lie] is promoted and defended on this blog – even interviewed in [online] radio “shows” which is also promoted on this blog – beats me!! What actually has been gained by giving this character so much attention here – apart from making his day and feeding his [twisted] ego?
More importantly – what has interviewing and promoting a self-confessed demon worshipper got to do with getting justice for 2 children and their guardians – which i, and others, have been told repeatedly is what this site is about?

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