“DRIFLOUD” MESSAGE TO POLICE, including other authorities, + audio 17 JUNE 2015, + another “Drifloud” comment 15 JUNE ’15

Justice for “Whistleblower Kids” supporter “Drifloud” sent this email , below, with an audio attached, below: (http://youtu.be/dU897JIF6wA)

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DC Carl Savage,

This is an entry made at 16:18 September 17th 2014 in the CRIS report on the Hampstead Child Rape and Murder Case ( last paragraph page 44, first paragraph Page 45) – I presume it was by you

** DC savage update**

Gabriel has said

“I lied about it all Abraham made me say it. He questioned me over and over again after he caught me and my sister touching each other. He told me that it was mu[sic] father I told him no he kept saying it over and over again. We watched a film called the mask of Zoro[sic], this is was the idea for baby skulls. I lied about the wily[sic} too this was Abraham he made me say it. I lied about the secret rooms. This is all the truth.

He said that the following did not happen.

Killing babies, no did not happen

Having baby skulls no this did not happen

Been to Mr Holdings[sic] house no never don’t known[sic] were[sic] he lives

Anyone place anything up your bum, no never

Throw[sic] out the interview both children seemed in fear of Abraham, and what he might do should he find out that they have told the truth. The children did say that they didn’t wish to return home. They were happy with the foster placement”

In the attachment is “The evidence document audio” recording which was on the laptop and mobile phone evidence DC Alan Rogers received from SC Jean-Clement Yaohirou, 5th September, 2014. On the recording, gabriel is heard describing a large,“dark pink” birthmark all over the genital region of Katy Forsdyke, the school headmistress; the pierce rings on Ms Forsdyke’s labia; the birthmarks on Vanessa Fitzpatrick’s “boobies”, as well as her “very hairy” private parts (the children nickname her “Shepherd’s Bush”), and it also shows two very detailed drawings of these two women’s intimate distinguishing marks.

Are you really CONTINUING to claim that an eight-year-old boy made this up? Are you really CONTINUING to claim abraham coached him?

Can you explain why abraham would coach an eight-year-old boy to describe distinguishing genital marks on the boy’s headmistress, or the mother of one of the children at the school? Or why he would coach Gabriel to describe a wart “as big as a five p piece” on the genital “lips” of Christ Church Primary School Nurse, Nina Marden?

Can you – and this question is for ALL the so-called police chiefs, commissioners, asst. commissioners, journalists – explain why abraham would coach a child to describe such distinguishing features, the existence of which could easily be disproved by a simple medical examination?

You really need to realise the TRUTH is out about this – the people are not to be fooled.

A sensible, peaceful approach to the enormity of this crime is essential, and NOTHING is to be achieved by continuing THE LIE that gabriel and alisa made it all up, or were coached.

from a conscious living being,

Drifloud June 17th 2015″

The evidence documents audio1

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