WESTMINSTER PEDO RING: Michael Gove Cover-up

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Michael Gove is suspected of being a member of the BULLINGDON CLUB Michael Gove is suspected of being a member of the BULLINGDON CLUB

IT IS ALL SO OBVIOUS NOW: This is a Coup. A British Coup. A Coup is the take-over of a nation by a group who have engineered and subverted the Democratic System – wither through bribery or military force [or both]. My assumption is based on a new tip-off that MICHAEL GOVE may indeed be a past member of the BULLINGDON CLUB along with David Cameron [prime minister], George Osborne [Chancellor], Nathanial Rothschild [Government Consultant at NM Rothschilds Bank and stands to profit from RBS sell-off], and, Boris Johnson who is now simultaneously the Mayor London and a member of parliament, picking up a combo salary in excess of $400,000 per year…

But that is not the real crime – MICHAEL GOVE who is OPPOSED TO A PUBLIC ENQUIRY INTO THE WESTMINSTER PEDO RING has now been placed

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