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The other thing to note is the nature of child sexual abuse and those who engage in it and promote it. P.I.E (The Paedophile Information Exchange) functioned as a lobby group in the UK for ten years. It operated openly with support from the former Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins. The Labour politicians, Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt et al, gave support to the organisation. The National Council for Civil Liberties (Now called LIBERTY) allowed P.I.E to affiliate with it thereby giving it credibility and promoting its cause. And what was that cause? The aim of P.I.E was to reduce the age of consent to just FIVE YEARS of AGE. Those named above, in effect, promoted sexual activity between adults and infant children.

The tentacles of P.I.E reached deeply into the British Establishment, the Church, the Universities, the Labour Party and the Security Services. Get your head around this. Once you have done so you might start to appreciate the effect this evil has had on British society. And it is an evil. It is an evil that was openly and deliberately promoted by the like of Harman, Hewitt and Dromey et al. 

The cracks are now opening up and the like of Theresa May are desperately seeking to change their position to accommodate the change in the public mood. Never forget that May acted corruptly with the aim of securing an Inquiry which was totally under her control. Don’t be fooled by this devious and corrupt woman. 

Time will tell whether Justice Goddard proves to be the Oike from the provinces or the crook from the colonies. If she is party to the corruption of the Inquiry then she is a crook. We know she has a liking for the high life as she swans around London flaunting her designer wardrobe and £1,000 plus handbags. Is her integrity for sale? We will see. 

Also note that it would now be very convenient if the paedophile Peer, Janner, were to die. Certainly the security establishment has the knowledge and the means to ensure a death that appears to be by natural causes. The nature of the corruption and evil at the heart of this issue is such that no option should be discounted.

If the paedophile Peer does die before the court hearing gets underway then be assured it will not have been a natural death.


After intense pressure the discredited Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, has been forced to reverse her corrupt decision NOT to prosecute the paedophile Peer, Greville Janner. Saunders has now failed in her attempt to deny the victims of Janner their day in court. But why was she so determined to stop Janners prosecution? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that statements made in the witness box are immune from libel proceedings and cannot be subject to legal injunctions? Is it the content of the witness testimony that is scaring the living daylights out of the paedophile establishment? Now watch to see if a bent judge is appointed to hear the case. If reporting restrictions are issued you can bet a buck or two that the judge has been especially selected to contain the case.

Whilst this little drama of the paedophile Peer and his supporters unfolds do not forget the little matter of David Cameron and his association with the alleged paedophile Derek Laud. Actions speak louder than words and this is a government whose actions clearly indicate that it is seeking to pursue the paedophile agenda of sexualizing children. They are working towards introducing legislation to lower the age of consent to as low as 13. They are also further eroding parental control over children.

Be in no doubt the P.I.E agenda is still being pursued by this paedophile establishment. Alison Saunders is an assigned gatekeeper of this establishment. The scum really has floated to the top.



The corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, is coming under renewed pressure to reverse her blatantly corrupt decision to block the prosecution of the paedophile Peer, Lord Janner. following press reports that he ‘abused a boy on trip to Scotland’ – see below.

Allegations concerning the probity and integrity of the Commissioner of The metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe are also underway by independent investigators. It has been suggested by a National newspaper that Sir Bernard was responsible for the cover-up of and investigation into a Labour Peer who was accused of child sexual abuse. Sir Bernard has also been linked by sources within The Metropolitan Police to allegations that he consorted with rent boys.

Investigations continue into the relationship between David Cameron and the alleged paedophile with connections to Dolphin Square, Derek Laud.


video: Janner to face prosection – early, 29/06/15



Lord Janner faces historical sex abuse prosecution 

Lord Janner
Lord Janner’s family has said he is “entirely innocent”

Lord Janner will be prosecuted over claims of historical sex abuse after a review overturned a CPS decision.

The Crown Prosecution Service announced in April that the 86-year-old would not be charged because of his severe form of dementia.

An independent QC has now recommended the decision be overruled.

Lord Janner, MP for Leicester West for 27 years, denies any wrongdoing and his family says the peer “is entirely innocent”.

The case has been listed for Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 7 August. 

It was reviewed under the CPS Victims’ Right to Review Scheme, which allows people to have their case looked at again no matter who in the CPS took the decision not to prosecute.

David Perry QC concluded that it was in the public interest to bring proceedings before a criminal court.

‘Borderline case’

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said: “I have always said that in my view this was an extremely difficult and borderline case because of the strong arguments on both sides. I have also always emphasised my concern for the complainants in this case.

“I understood their need to be heard, which is why I contacted Justice Goddard to ensure that they could give evidence as part of the public inquiry. However, the review has concluded that this forum, albeit a public one, cannot substitute for the adjudication of the courts.

“I accept the outcome of the review and will now be bringing this prosecution to allow for that adjudication to happen.”

The announcement reverses Ms Saunders decision in April that Lord Janner’s dementia meant he was not fit to stand trial and so it was not in the public interest for him to stand trial, despite there being sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of convictions.

Solicitor Liz Dux, who represents some of the alleged victims, said: “This is a vindication of our efforts to challenge the DPP’s original decision not to charge Janner, which was clearly not in the interest of justice”.

“Our clients have waited long enough for their very serious allegations to be brought before a court. They have felt deeply frustrated by the criminal justice system.”

source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-33310095

JANNER ARCHIVE:  https://www.butlincat.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/please-sign-share-petitioning-the-cps-to-review-the-decision-not-to-prosecute-lord-greville-janner/

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