READ MY STORY ! by Sam Hill 20 June 2015

READ MY STORY ! by Sam Hill  20 June 2015

I have come along way but can’t do this without some serious legitimising clout backing me up. Ive done the ground work, I’ve survived, documented events collected evidence now I want some movement and can’t seem to find any among all the usual places to turn. I have a good partner and children and home so I’m blessed with security at last, and don’t want to risk that by speaking about what happened, but as you all know who are on a similar journey to me, we just have to speak out. I will try to set out a timeline from here journeying backwards I’m bound to miss out important bits but it here goes!

16th June I went for an X-ray, had to say it was for an old accident so as not to alarm the staff and get them to do the job! Interesting result, it shows the L shape external scar clearly on the right as I had expected. The scar that my partner shaved part of my head to reveal after 29 years. Not being visible since 16 and recovering from treatment at an exclusive mental hospital. I had been told not to remove the bandage by a small Malasian looking nurse with large glasses as she walked me around the opulent building, my mind had been turned to haze, no memory of sexual abuse no concentration poor coordination neck pain and a rash.

I had tried to get the authorities to listen to me in 2008, they lost all records of my interview about a sexual assault at my dads work, yet persisted in using the testimony of the poor abuser to claim I was harassing him.

This person had tried to confuse manipulate as they all do, unfortunately I’ve met quite a few and their facilitators also many abuse survivors. I had been so enslaved at times that the Stockholm syndrome almost felt like a safer place than the awful secrets I held alone and the reaction from friends and family and authorities regarding my issues.

This person was helped by one of my earliest abusers friends a CPN, who had always heard about me, we met at a cricket game shortly before I was 16 and carted of to the private hospital we had consentual sex in the trees near the pavilion. Ive a witness who was told about this by him he has also been harassed into silence. Anyway they sided together with a common aim using a profession or there own paranoia to discredit me.

I had been escaping the abusive clutches of my Etonian abusers in 1998 again linked intrinsically with the medical profession as he had lived in the neighbourhood of my grandparents where 3 doctors in the same practice lived, they were close friends. We were often seen horse riding together in the mid 80s by a local GP who had horses we went to many horse shows. The Etonian told his friends in London he had a young girlfriend, my family had accepted it going on, until I was 16 and his wife and brother had visited and told them to keep me away from him. Several of my friends knew what was going on, one in particular in Australia mentioned in my tape was also abused and never interviewed.

I had been very unhappy at home family were abusive physically and mentally. I had been promised a way out by this abuser he was a manic depressive who received treatment at a top psychiatric hospital, he said he would marry me and we would live in his second home.

This was not to be, they were very wealthy people, the way I was dragged into the car was brutal I will not describe its a matter (eventually ) for the police.

I will list a few bits of evidence here and there for you all (I always have a fear ) a bit like Diana that something will happen to me and I need some account made publically of all that went on, for all the good it will do!

going even further back I was originally raped by his church leading brother, who had come to his brothers daughters 2 years birthday in my village, I was a helper along with another friend (they knew all my school friends) typical Saville type charisma with a key to everywhere. It was one GPs daughters birthday party too a shared party, when the brother arrived he did balloon bending (he’s working with kids now in the church)! I was after witnessing 2 men expose themselves at the top of the stairs asked to get light bulbs with him. The shop was shut so we walked to the playing fields behind he asked me to lie down.The rest is history.

The two brothers knew family life was a nightmare I would see the non religious brother mostly after this although I met them both again at another kids party that I discussed in my radio interviews.

Important people would be at another house wanting to meet us kids I was told, I already knew Gary Glitter was involved as I had been told but the people mentioned this time were not stars, I can’t help thinking it may be well known local politician, I always had a nasty suspicion, can’t prove anything though.

What used to upset me most was how family swept it all under the carpet from recovering from treatment at the hospital, to lying and trying to undermine my sanity when I was so vulnerable with no where else to go.

My abuser used this situation again in 1992 (22 years old) when I’d been pushed into a break down through my grandmothers death and family cruelty and lies. I had also been having flash backs. I was thinking that all around was so sick and evil that we were living in the end times. I did nothing majorly psychotic but read the bible a lot, that was all it took to be diagnosed bearing in mind that the local doctors were still on the scene, in fact they were the  doctors who sectioned me! The one who told my abuser to go to the hospital after a suicide attempt had known I was there…he also told his wife my diagnosis which she milked in all her manipulation legally regarding contact with his kids saying he’s living with a girl diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia! This doctors been in the national news recently for serious fraud, my abuser said he could get any drug from his friends.This one always talked about patients details at the dinner table! This abuser manipulated me I was on such a huge level of meds I could hardly walk properly let alone think! His brother and soon to be ex did all they could to disrupt, withholding deeds to our home was the brothers idea (his daughter now has post traumatic dissaffective disorder) ! I began to formulate thoughts again when meds were reduced but his CPN (yes the same one) friend had me on injections for almost a year.

I have various witnesses to all that happened but due to failings in human nature so many people turned away.

I managed to record the Etonian abuser talking about the private hospital my memory loss and describing the abuse of me and others. At the time the police lost evidence and didn’t investigate properly. A clever trap he had me in with the matrimony given huge approval by my family who had finally palmed me off! A psychiatrist who had given the go ahead for fertility treatment when it failed and I wanted to break away and tell the police he decided I had become ill and when I thought they were coming to interview me they sectioned me. This happened similarly twice secondly when I was asked to go to the station regarding the other local paedophile who had joined the pile on and tried to defame me to the helpfull authorities, when I talked to his female “friend” who had a daughter. I was expecting an interview instead I was fingerprinted and held for an afternoon.

the uncaring unthinking authorities play right into the hands of abusers over and over I’ve seen it!

Anyway now years on, well away from the psychiatry and meds of  20 years ago I’ve come to a point of talking about it, still scared of the police, my parents were masons I used to sit opposite head of police at Christmas Masonic dinners. My parents especially my mother started defaming me young. My dad would come home I would be crying due to her abuse and she would say “hello darling Samantha’s been a nightmare” this was very young around 10, at 15 she split my lip open which my friends saw, yet she tried to shame me on the phone with work colleagues running me down.The power imbalance was set young and needs putting right.

I need a solicitor to help me compile a case of serious human rights abuses, beyond the norm as it involved medical corruption. If I go to the police I won’t do so without being supported by an organisation as I won’t disappear quietly and can’t trust the police now..

The press need to be more supportive of survivors like me and stop turning away from people who had no where else to go as they have done for so many years. Please take a look at some of my evidence any advice appreciated X

Please open my Dropbox links to find out more. Right L shaped dark scar matching next image pale scar above ear. Transcribed admission from abuser at the end he says I know you lost your memory transcriber missed that bit,I can send the recording for anyone else wanting to decipher hissy areas.

Sam Hill is is PART 2 of these videos of the ANTI CHILD ABUSE RALLY “VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS UNITE – BREAKING THE CYCLE OF ABUSE” held in LONDON on the 27/06/15 –

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