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In 2014 the video testimony of two children, A, aged 9 and G, aged 8 was leaked onto the internet. The world looked on in compassionate horror as A and G described to their loving mother and her supportive partner whose strength had earned their trust graphic and appalling ritualistic abuse at the hands of their father and the rest of a widespread cult operating in and around Hampstead, UK – one of London’s wealthiest areas.

A and G alleged that their father was the head of a cult that violated children and procured babies for ritual torture, slaughter and consumption. All the staff at their school, Christ Church Primary Hampstead were cult members. The 40 or so children of 20 “special” families were also being abused at the school and in other locations. Abusers included local churchmen, police officers, solicitors, estate agents, Cafcass employees and members of the wider community. The abuse was filmed; child sex abuse videos and snuff movies were being translated and sold overseas. The children were being forced to torture and kill babies; adrenalised blood was consumed. The children did not know that these practices were not normal – because everyone they met was involved. They had not told their mother because their father had threatened to kill them if they did.

The children’s testimony is credible and convincing. Many millions of people believe it. Yet the local Barnet police did not investigate it: instead A and G were snatched into Care as the cover up began. They were forced to retract their statements and the case was rushed through the Secret Family Courts. The children’s father was granted access to them.

A and G had only ever said lovely things about their mother, Ella Gareeva (Ella was Draper but has since changed her name back to Gareeva). They stated clearly that she was kind, generous, loving – a yoga teacher and a vegan. She was not a member of the cult, they explained: the cult had wanted Ella to join but she was too good and pure a person to be recruited. Yet rather than give the children back to Ella and her strong and supportive partner Abraham the UK despatched 9 police officers to arrest her! Here, you can hear the dramatic event unfolding as a friend held off the police while Ella managed to make a hazardous escape and flee the country. She remains overseas in hiding. Ella has not seen her children since February 2015. The children’s loving Russian grandparents have gone to great lengths to try to see the children but the UK’s Social Services have lied repeatedly to them and denied them access. The pain of the children’s competent and loving grandparents is heartbreaking to witness and the case is being widely publicised in Russia.

So the British government is forcibly trapping two children into a paedophilic cannibalistic cult against their wishes. The abuse, it is suspected, continues. Their loving mother, her partner and their family are desperate to see them: we cannot imagine what they (and the other children) must be suffering.

If there ever was proof that it was five to midnight for humanity then it is now.

In the meantime, more of the children’s testimony was leaked onto the internet; in written format. For the first time in history the names, addresses and details of a group of alleged paedophilic death cult members are in the public domain. And the workings behind the scenes of a shameful cover-up by the British police, judiciary and social services are being laid bare for all to see.

Hampstead Research (HR) was set up, initially, to research the workings of this cult and find evidence to substantiate the children’s allegations. It rapidly developed into a group effort and became one of many focal points for activism: people moved to help the children and Ella and Abraham both on and off HR have made videos; typed transcriptions; set up Facebook groups; contributed reports and analyses, interviewed Ella and Abraham and so much more. HR has always emphasised that many other places on the web exist to help the Hampstead children and Ella and Abraham: their supporters have a variety of venues to choose from.

Further proof of the existence of this cult and HR’s efficacy is the trolling and online abuse that HR and all its brave supporters continue to receive. HR’s administrator, Jacqui Farmer, has had her personal email – illegally – hacked. The address was passed on to an alleged cult member who is Managing Director of the UK government’s chief PR agency, Monroe & Forster, proving that the trolls are connected to the cult. Poisonous apologists of child abuse continue to spew filth and lies across the web. Yet HR just keeps doing what it’s doing, holding the fort for everyone until Ella and Abraham’s new website arrives.

Ella and Abraham – HR sends you our love and support. We will continue to expose these criminals and fight for the children until they are returned either to you or their grandparents. We are not afraid of these monsters. It is five to midnight for humanity and we are not going to die ashamed that we looked on and did nothing.

Anyone who feels the same and wishes to write a letter or contribute any activism, please see our Blog section. People have written articles, music, poems, satire, made candle holders, written prayers – there is lots you can do, too.

HR is a fully independent website that relies on donations but it actively and unconditionally supports Ella and Abraham and the children. And all victims and survivors of abuse. A and G are not the only ones – we are doing this for everyone. It is time for this to stop. It is time for members of this cult, the wider cult that is poisoning our planet and our futures, to step out. Into cleanliness, honesty and love.

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The Hampstead Leylines


3 must-see! interviews with mother ELLA DRAPER on why this case was brought about:


above: Part I: Ella Draper & Abe Christie’s testimony on Hampstead pedophilia the UK High Court excluded – Published 31 March 2015

Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture – World Beyond Belief  – 8 July 2015

Published on 10 Jul 2015

Pedophile Links to Government Officials, Pedophile Information Exchange and Adrenochrome on The World Beyond Belief (Episode 151). Ella and Abraham of the Hampstead Cover Up return to The World Beyond Belief to expose links between high-ranking officials in the UK “government” and the pedophile network that is being outed throughout that country. It seems that there are very few people with any kind of authority in Britain that are not either connected to or controlled by this insidious pedophile death cult. At one point, the discussion turns the Pedophile Information Exchange that operated overtly in Britain for many years advocating such ideas as lowering the age of consent to 4. But, far from being a crackpot collection of criminals, this group, because of the high level pedophiles in that government, had credibility up until it was supposedly disbanded. Adrenochrome, a substance taken from a live beating heart of a horrified person is highly addictive, very psychoactive and stimulating to those who chose to drink it. In satanic death cults operating in the UK this revolting chemical is in high demand. It is why the babies that are ritualistically sacrificed are terrified just before they are killed.
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The Hampstead Cover-up – The Jean Clement Recording Pt 1… (all 3 parts)
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