Ben Fellows has been found ‘Not Guilty’ of Perverting the Course of Justice – 30 July ’15

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Ben Fellows Found Not Guilty


Ben Fellows has been found ‘Not Guilty’ of Perverting the Course of Justice

What a mess ! 

I don’t think this will be the end of this saga and it has now opened a very nasty can of worms. The allegations against Ken Clarke are entirely false but some foolish people will now mistakenly believe that this verdict validates these erroneous and ludicrous allegations. This verdict can only be based on the jury’s opinion that Ben Fellows did not deliberately and knowingly make false allegations against Ken Clarke and it can not possibly be seen as giving any credence to the allegations themselves.

Since Ben Fellows was charged I’ve made no comment regarding his character or this case. He like everyone is entitled to a fair trial and it is important not to publish anything that might prejudice that but now that the jury have delivered their verdict I’m free to say what I want and that is that Ben Fellows is a fantasist as anyone who has bothered to research his catalogue self-promotion activities online over many years will have seen.

Even if I were to believe that the allegation that Mr Fellows had been groped by someone, not Ken Clarke but someone (which incidentally I do not believe) I find it disturbing that a 19 year old actor who was playing a part of a younger boy to try and entrap gay men into such a pass should be taken up by those campaigning on behalf of survivors of child sexual abuse.

I’ll state this now; victims of CSA are not 19 year old actors playing a part and they do not get paid a wage to provoke a sexual assault. This was just another bandwagon that Mr Fellows has jumped on in an effort to promote himself.

I wrote at the top that I do not think that his will be the end of affair, I’ll explain, I expect that lawyers acting on behalf of Ken Clarke will be looking very closely at what people in the Alternative Media  and Social Media now publish and I’d expect that if anyone suggests that Ken Clarke is guilty of these false allegations then those lawyers will be instructed to begin civil proceedings. I had heard that Ken Clarke had been reluctant to do this prior to Ben Fellows being charged as it would have just given more oxygen to the stories floating around online but the circumstances have changed and I can’t see that Ken Clarke would have any other choice if he wanted to clear his name after this debacle.

Those that think that this verdict is in any way a victory for genuine victims of child sexual abuse are mistaken. False allegations like this, especially involving VIPs, are always found out in the end and do nothing but undermine the cases of those that were genuinely sexually abused as children by establishment figures. Furthermore, during the  6 weeks or so that the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit, who have limited resources, were actively investigating Ben Fellows’ false allegations they may not have been able to adequately respond and protect children that were in danger at that time.

I’d also like to point out that because of Mr Fellows’ behaviour since his contact with the police including him secretly recording discussions and publishing them online, I can not see any other outcome than that the treatment of future CSA victims coming forward will as a consequence become far less informal and less generous.

In no way can that be described as a victory for child sexual abuse victims

A man who claimed he was sexually assaulted by former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke has been cleared of perverting the course of justice.

Ben Fellows, 40, of Solihull, in the West Midlands, had said the Conservative MP abused him in 1994.

In the trial at the Old Bailey Mr Clarke – the MP for Rushcliffe – described the claims as “preposterous”.

The jury took eight hours to find Mr Fellows, of Redstone Farm Road, Olton, not guilty of the charge.

BBC News


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9 responses to “Ben Fellows Found Not Guilty

    1. Redondo

      Spot on in every way, Gojam. Fellows is a very odd poster boy for anti abuse campaigners. Not as obviously sinister as the Hampstead case, but could be even more damaging. I respect the jury’s verdict but share your unease.

    1. gw

      What a bizarre series of events.

      I note that police have closed the investigation into Danczuck’s claims that Cyril Smith was arrested with CSA images – no witnesses.

        • dpack

          i also noticed that in relation to the quite believable cyril smith allegation,however “making the problem go away”should lead to a lack of evidence if it is done his case that there are other accounts of such “plumbing” by men in suits from london and/or local special branch officers and accounts of his misbehavior being covered up at a local level.

          re the fellows business juries have decided on the evidence presented to them which is ok by me.

    1. Bishop Brightly

      I hope he gets some serious psychiatric intervention. He needs it, as was obvious from the start.

    1. Tsk. Tsk. Not believing a victim? What will this all lead to.

    1. tdf

      Agreed, Gojam, Redondo & BB.

      More Barking,
      Some of us are capable of distinguishing between obviously spurious accusations and essentially true ones, such as the majority of those made against the vile predator Jimmy Savile. I know it’s complicated but do try to understand the distinctions otherwise people might mistake you for an idiot.

    1. gojam is full of s……………t

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  1. Having your cake & eating it too, Gojam?!? You like the goose but ndon’t fancy that gander at all…

    In this case you set yourself above the courts: “… the jury have delivered their verdict I’m free to say what I want and that is that Ben Fellows is a fantasist as anyone who has bothered to research his catalogue self-promotion activities online over many years will have seen.”

    Yet with Starr v Ward (a fantasist as anyone who has bothered to research her catalogue of self-promoting activities online will know) you chose to side with the fantasist & opted for the blackest possible reading – that Starr could expect to have his case looked at once again by the CPS, which no doubt caused a quiver of excitement to run through your body (and a massive sigh of relief to be exhaled by MWT):

    Is there any particular reason why the lies of one nutter are acceptable to you, but not the lies of another? Isn’t it the case that the ludicrous Fellows was just unlucky in that his rubbish was picked-up by ‘maverick film-maker’ Bill Baloney & not, say, ‘International Peabody’ – a self-invented moniker – Mark Williams-Thomson?

    Between Fellows and, say, MWT’s “Fiona” you’d have a job sliding a sheaf of paper. But you want to believe (or want everyone else to believe) one story but not the other. Ah, but those pre-determined holes we’ll fill by scissoring the truth into place, eh?

    P.S. Remember when you were falsely trying to suggest that I was anti-immunisation or summat? What was it, that I’d “been getting friendly” with people who held these views? Well, you might want to pay more attention to another of your problematic pals: Tabloid Timmy Tate. He’s well-in with a deranged nutter who thinks that Hep. B is a “venereal disease” (!) and offers us such gems as this:

    “What little baby needs to be vacinated for a venereal disease?!?”, the hysterical loon screeches? If you’re hoping that the calming voice of Timmy will reign her in, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.
    Straight back atchya, champ!

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