“From: “George Galloway” <>
Subject: Reminder: Tottenham Meeting tomorrow at Holy Trinity Church at 7pm 

Dear Friends,George Galloway will hold a meeting in Tottenham tomorrow on Friday 7th
August. The Respect candidate for the London Mayoral election will be
speaking at the Holy Trinity Church on Philip Lane N15 4GZ. The event,
billed as ‘Share with the Mayor’, starts at 7pm.

On his decision to hold his fifth campaign meeting in Tottenham,
constituency of David Lammy MP Galloway said: “I will be holding meetings
in every borough in London several times throughout the campaign, but it’s
significant that I’m heading to Tottenham before the other parties have
even announced their candidates. I’m taking the fight for City Hall
straight to the manors of the other candidates: David Lammy in the case of
Tottenham and I’ll be heading to Tooting, Sadiq Khan’s constituency, on
August 19th.”

“My campaign slogan is ‘A London For All’, and I want to show the people of
Tottenham that I intend to speak up for every part of this diverse city,
not just those at the top dripping in gold,” Galloway continued.

“Many of the problems faced by Londoners, from housing to policing, are
felt especially acutely in Tottenham. I have original, radical ideas about
how we might solve some of these problems. I represent something
different from what the political class has been trying, and failing, to do
in places like Tottenham for decades.”

Galloway will be joined by guest speakers Zita Holbourne, co-chair of BARAC
(Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts) and Reparationist and Broadcaster
Esther Stanford-Xosei.

The event is free entry although those wishing to attend are advised to
arrive in good time to ensure a seat.

Look forward seeing you then!

With Respect,

Team Galloway 4 London”



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