New Hope for Rabbits!

New Hope for Rabbits!

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Dear you,

Ninety per cent of the world’s angora wool comes from China, where there are no animal-protection laws.

Since PETA Asia’s groundbreaking investigation of the angora industry first documented the intense pain endured by rabbits whose fur is ripped from their skin on Chinese farms, angora has become almost as reviled as fur among many retailers, designers and consumers.

We need your support to help keep that tremendous momentum going – and allow us to accomplish even more for rabbits and all other animals.

If you see a cardigan, a hat or another retail item that contains angora, the wool to make it most likely originated in China, even if the finished product is marked as having been made or assembled elsewhere – which is why the release of PETA Asia’s exposé sent such powerful shockwaves through the global fashion industry. Within hours, PETA’s international affiliates began receiving e-mails and phone calls from major retailers asking to meet with them, and ever since, we’ve continued to see tremendous progress that is helping to save rabbits’ lives.

The release of PETA Asia’s investigation grabbed headlines around the world, and already more than 4 million people have seen the disturbing video footage of rabbits screaming on angora farms as their hair is ripped out by the handful. Even in China itself, PETA Asia’s tweets about the exposé on Sina Weibo – that country’s Twitter-like service – were shared nearly 60,000 times, reaching more than 20 million Chinese consumers through the popular social network.

PVH Corp – the parent company of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and many other brands – was among the first to move to ban angora, announcing that it was pulling angora from its store shelves just days after the investigation broke. In the following months, dozens of caring retailers moved to join it, including fashion giants AllSaints, Mango, New Look, Lacoste and Topshop. The world’s largest clothing retailer, Inditex – owner of Zara and other popular brands – not only permanently banned angora products from its clothing lines but also donated 20,000 brand-new angora wool garments from previous seasons to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

john, we’ve seen so much tremendous progress towards ending the suffering of rabbits and other animals in the last year, and your support right now will help PETA’s vital work move forward.

In June, massive international retailer Benetton – a company with nearly 6,000 stores around the world – moved to ban angora less than a day after a PETA day of action mobilised thousands to contact the Italian company about its angora sales. Global fashion brand HUGO BOSS also recently confirmed it will no longer sell products containing angora.

Ending horrific abuses like those revealed by PETA Asia is a huge task requiring a sustained effort, and we won’t stop working for rabbits and all other animals until the abuse stops.

Please support our campaigns by making the most generous gift that you can right away.

Your action today will make a difference for animals.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

PS: We must keep the great momentum going and continue to stop the abuse of thousands of rabbits and other animals, but much of that further success depends on the help of caring PETA donors. Please make a much-needed gift online right NOW!



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