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11 August 2015

FAO: The Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Briggs and Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP

Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

11th floor, Thomas More Building

Royal Courts of Justice


London, WC2A 2LL

The Laws’ are there, but NOT being observed or applied by ‘Judges’ and Court Administrators operating ‘OUR’ Courts in UK

“The Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls, as Head of Civil Justice, have asked Lord Justice Briggs to carry out an urgent review of the structure of the courts which deliver civil justice. <snip>  

This will help to ensure that the reform programme designs a service which makes best use of the large capital investment proposed and provides a modern, efficient and accessible civil dispute resolution service for all!  

Message from the Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls: Civil Courts Structure Review

In the public interest and the interest of justice:  It is imperative that ALL recipients of this email peruse the three attached documents and the correspondence below, which is self-explanatory and warrants an immediate Public Inquiry, as High Court ‘Judges’ are CONSPIRING and violating the Common Law of the Land and Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) to DEFRAUD us of our RESIDENTIAL HOMES and POSSESSIONS without any law whatsoever: = Organised Crime by the Government Organisations against We the People: –

Therefore, why is the Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls wasting more taxpayers’ money when the law is already there to provide a modern, efficient and accessible civil dispute resolution service for all?  –  The following laws are being blatantly and CRIMINALLY ignored by UK ‘Judges’ and court administrators with impunity to date, as ‘OUR’ Police are being sent to Israel to be trained by the Israeli Army to ATTACK us VICTIMS when they come back for demanding for our rights in Common LAW: – 

Types of proceedings in which summary judgment is available


(2) The court may give summary judgment against a defendant in any type of proceedings except –

(a) proceedings for possession of residential premises against –

i) a mortgagor; or

(ii) a tenant or a person holding over after the end of his tenancy whose occupancy is protected within the meaning of the Rent Act 19772 or the Housing Act 19883 and;

(b) proceedings for an admiralty claim in rem.

Types of Judgments

Types of judgments can be distinguished on a number of grounds, including the procedures the parties must follow to obtain the judgment, the issues the court will consider before rendering the judgment, and the effect of the judgment. Judgments that vary from a standard judgment on the merits of a case include the following:

  • Summary Judgment: an accelerated judgment that does not require a trial and in which the court‘s interpretation of the pleadings forms the basis of    the judgment.[27] For a summary judgment, the court will consider “the contents of the pleadings, the motions, and additional evidence adduced by the parties to determine whether there is a genuine issue of material fact rather than one of law.”[28]
  • Vacated Judgment: a judgment of an appellate court whereby the judgment under review is set aside and a new trial is ordered.[29] A vacated judgment is rendered where the original judgment failed to make an order in accordance with the law and a new trial is ordered to ensure a just outcome. The process of vacating a judgment is sometimes referred to as vacatur.[30] The result of a vacated judgment is a trial de novo.

 United Kingdom

In UK law, appeals to the Crown Court against convictions in the Magistrates Court are held de novo.[citation needed]

De novo review refers to the appellate court’s authority to review the trial court’s conclusions on questions of the application, interpretation, and construction of law. Generally, the proper standard of review for employee benefit decisions, such as the denial of benefit claims, is de novo. Also, where the appellate court undertakes judicial review of compulsory arbitration proceedings that were required by statute, the reviewing court must conduct a de novo review of the interpretation and application of the law by the arbitrators.

Common law

In common law systems, one feature that distinguishes an appellate proceeding from a trial de novo is that new evidence may not ordinarily be presented in an appeal, though there are rare instances when it may be allowed—usually evidence that came to light only after the trial and could not, in all diligence, have been presented in the lower court. The general rule, however, is that an appeal must be based solely on “points of law”, and not on “points of fact”. Appeals are frequently based on a claim that the trial judge or jury did not allow or appreciate all the facts; if that claim is successful the appeal judges will often order a trial “de novo”. In order to protect the individual’s rights against double jeopardy ordering a trial “de novo” is often the exclusive right of an appeal judge.[citation needed]

For example, a system may relegate a claim of a certain amount to a judge but preserve the right to a new trial before a jury

And my Trustee “in Bankruptcy” KPMG and their Solicitors, Moon Beever of  24-25 Bloomsbury, Square, London WC1A 2PL, did NOT know this  ???

I, Patrick Cullinane, as a Freeman on the Land, refer you to the following:

  1. I did NOT consent to summary judgment at any time during these unlawful proceedings.  Registrar Pimm had NO jurisdiction to Bankrupt me
  2. Their offer was refused and NOT accepted at any time, as I demanded a Trial by Jury
  3. I did NOT consent to being a surety for this case and these (unlawful) summary judgment proceedings at any time
  4. I demand that the bond be immediately brought forward, under Article 40 below, so I can see who has indemnified me for these judicial


In FACT, I demanded the following at ALL times during and after these summary judgement proceedings: –

Magna Carta (1215) {Article 38} reads:  “In future no official shall put anyone to trial merely on his own testimony, without reliable witnesses produced for this purpose.”     (Philip Inman, the “anonymous informant” was NEVER produced by HMRC or the Courts)

 {Article 39} reads:  “No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned or deprived of his freehold or outlawed or banished or in any way ruined, nor will we take or order action against him, except by the lawful judgment of his equals (Trial by Jury) and according to the law of the land.” 

{Article 40} reads: “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay Right or Justice.” 

{Article 45} reads: “We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs only such as know the law of the realm and mean to observe it well.

How was I Bankrupted when I had NO debt and the Inland Revenue owing me over £5,000 in tax rebates?The answer is, I was NEVER Bankrupted.

You can check this out on the London Gazette and the Independent Insolvency Registrar, as I, Patrick Cullinane of 48 Girton Avenue, Kingsbury, London NW9 9SU, was NEVER recorded in neither.  – You can find the evidence of this on my attached Affidavit of 15 June 2015: –

 Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:

This man was right all along

Patrick Cullinane has fought a running battle with the Inland Revenue since the day he was accused of not paying income tax. And the taxman fought dirty – so dirty he lost his home and nearly lost his sanity. Now, a batch of confidential documents reveal fatal weaknesses in the Revenue’s case. Phillip Inman reports

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Financial Section, Monday 25 August 2008

Evidence put to the high court shows that Cullinane, far from owing tax, was due a rebate.

 The 13 High Court Judges who conspired in Patrick Cullinane’s case to terrorise and defraud him in the interests of the state of Israel: –

 Mr Registrar Pimm

 Mr Registrar Simmonds

 Mr Registrar Baister

 Mr Justice Jacobs

  2. Mr Justice Neuberger  –  A Jew Promoted for his Crime:

 Lord Justice Stewart-Smith  –  Also covered-up the Hillsborough disaster.

 Mr Jonathan Parker

 Mr Justice Hart

 Master Leslie

 Mrs Justice Ebsworth

 Mr Justice Ferris

 Mr Justice Pumfrey

 Mr Justice Mann


The Police swear an Oath to protect Life, Property and uphold the Law of the Land.   – Therefore they are ALL in breach of their Oaths by assisting Bailiffs and High Court Sheriffs to STEAL Family Homes, Possessions, Property, Money, Motor Vehicles and Allotments without Due Process of the Constitutional Common Law of the Land: = Misprision of Treason:

Theresa May MP is Jewish and a Friend of Israel and sending ‘OUR’ Police to Israel to be trained by the Israeli Army to attack us when they come back for reporting crime by Government Organisations against us: –

London’s Police travelling to Israel to be trained by the Israeli Army

“Your Police are being trained by the Israeli Army to defeat and control their enemy, and when your police come back, you become their enemy” — Eran Efrati — Israeli Army Whistleblower warns the American public in March 2014

Now you know why ‘OUR’ Police in the UK treat blatant FRAUD by Government Organisations against We the People as a CIVIL matter: –

The police have told Patrick Cullinane on VIDEO that the robbery of his residential premises, property and possessions, without a TRIAL, is a civil matter: –

‘Our’ Police who have been trained by the Israeli Army are involved here again and covering-up  the insidious Paedophile death cult: –

YouTube: Published on 10 July 2015

Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture – World Beyond Belief

Pedophile Links to Government Officials, Pedophile Information Exchange and Adrenochrome on The World Beyond Belief (Episode 151). Ella and Abraham of the Hampstead Cover Up return to The World Beyond Belief to expose links between high-ranking officials in the UK “government” and the pedophile network that is being outed throughout that country. It seems that there are very few people with any kind of authority in Britain that are not either connected to or controlled by this insidious pedophile death cult. At one point, the discussion turns the Pedophile Information Exchange that operated overtly in Britain for many years advocating such ideas as lowering the age of consent to 4

‘Sir’ Rhodes Boyson was my MP and, he abused me also, as I visited his Surgery in Wembley Park on HUNDREDS’ of occasions reporting the persecution from the Inland Revenue and the Police, but Rhodes Boyson never did anything, as he was a Police protected PERVERT: –

Daily Mail: By Guy Adams Published: 00:59, 19 July 2014 | Updated: 20:03, 19 July 2014

Chilling day Special Branch swooped to seize ANOTHER dossier on VIP abusers: 16 MPs’ names mentioned in 1984 report on paedophile lobby’s influence in Westminster

Police raided newspaper offices of Don Hale, editor of Bury Messenger

He’d recently been given sensitive files by Labour politician Barbara Castle 

Documents included typewritten minutes of meetings that had been held at Westminster in support of paedophile agenda

 Included details of a host of Establishment figures who had apparently pledged support to their cause

 Also mentioned multiple times was Tory minister Sir Rhodes Boyson, a well-known enthusiast for corporal punishment, and Education Secretary Sir Keith Joseph

Nothing has changed, as my present MP Nick Hurd and his PA Jill Brown are still abusing me to MURDER me with the stress of never-ending ROBBERIES and INJUSTICE: –

Patrick Cullinane – Robbed by Jew Process June 2015 (Part I)

Published on 11 Jul 2015

In this year of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta Jew Process is alive and well and is actually thriving in the UK today. The people of Britain are being systematically robbed of their possessions and children to feed the insatiable and unquenchable thirst of the Jew-ish elite.

 I have just rang Nick Hurd’s PA, Jill Brown, (10/08/2015) who says again she has worked for 40-years, and put the phone down on me when I told her that she is doing a disservice for the People, as she is accepting letters from CRIMINALS in Government Organisations as FACT, when I have pointed out the Law of the land that my benefits are being raided and my motor vehicle STOLEN by Barnet Council without due process or, any lawful paperwork whatsoever. – Jill Brown is an underhand operator, as she never passes on my written complaints outlining the laws that are breached, and will NOT send me a copy of her correspondence she sends out on my behalf.  – This tyrant of a woman is brain damage to constituents, and that is exactly why she is there for 40-years, as she can NOT have a constituents case investigated; therefore the FRAUD goes on; while constituents are dying from STRESS like, Victor Eastmond (RIP), via ROBBERY through Harrow Council, Northampton County Court, and Newlyn Bailiffs; it was non-stop TERRORISM and FRAUD of THOUSANDS of pounds; while Nick Hurd his MP and Jill Brown told him he should pay-up.  Hurd and Brown must be charged with manslaughter, as they knew Harrow Council were issuing Warrants to Bailiffs to DEFRAUD their constituents and did NOTHING about it, as they were in on the FRAUD / SCAM. – Another client of mine, Michael Hurley, was also MURDERED by the STRESS of Ealing Council, Northampton County Court FRAUD via Collect Services Limited their TERRORIST Bailiffs:  I could NOT get Michael Hurley’s MP, Virendra Sharma to assist his Immigrant Irish constituent, as he was ROBBED of over £500, which must be returned to his wife, with interest and compensation, as it was ALL FRAUD.

NOTE:  My client, Sohan Nashanand of 162 Cannon Lane, Pinner, HA5 1HX, complained to me again on 10/08/2015 that he cannot get copies of correspondence purported to be sent to the Police; who on Monday 8th June 2015 let Turkish Gangster, Mustafa Yorganci of TASK Enforcement Bailiffs into his home without any legitimate Court Documents to TERRORISE the family and STEAL £410 without Due Process.  Therefore, Nick Hurd MP and his accomplice Jill Brown are protecting the unlawful actions of public servant, CRIMINALS, by refusing to supply their constituents with copies of correspondence that they claim to have sent out on our behalf.  – Should such BAS*ARDS be in public office getting taxpayers money covering-up serious crime and attacking and abusing their constituents who they have allowed to be ROBBED? –  In the public interests, we want these CRIMINALS removed immediately from public office, as they are a serious danger to themselves and their constituents NOT knowing the Constitutional Common Law of the Land, where Due Process is via Trial by Jury.  – And NOT by a Judge or a FICTITIOUS Talmudic Court in Northampton, where ALL the money and property STOLEN must be RETURNED forthwith to its rightful owners, and any damage caused to be compensated in FULL.   

YouTube: By Chrisy Morris on on 25 May 2015

Northampton county court admission.

No judges, Courtrooms or anyone legally trained. Shocking. What happened to a fair trial ?

No act or statute can be given the force of law without consent and they cannot and never will be able to provide the material evidence of this consent. Taking from your wages or your Pension Credits through the Department for Works and Pensions, like the THIEVES are doing in my case, is a criminal offence of theft.  –  However, ‘OUR’ Israeli Army trained Police, who are leaving Mafia Bailiffs into family homes, will LIE to you and say that, it is NOT, to continue the FRAUD, as they are programmed and Sick in the Head: –  Hurd and Brown are also covering-up this FRAUD

YouTube: Published on 29 May 2015

Patrick Cullinane – Met Police – Penalty Charge Notice

On 21 April 2015, I, Patrick Cullinane rang 999 and reported the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) CRIMES’ to Officer: C702 964 – Cad No: CHS 4976 – 21/04/2015

The following is further evidence of what the Israeli Army have done to ‘OUR’ 999 Emergency Police Service in the UK: –

Patrick Cullinane – Met Police – Penalty Charge Notice (Part II)

Published on 30 May 2015

On 21 April 2015, I, Patrick Cullinane rang 999 and reported the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) CRIMES’ to Officer: C702 964 – Cad No: CHS 4976 – 21/04/2015

Have the UK Police informed their Insurance Companies that they are travelling to Israel to be trained by the Israeli Army to ignore Due Process and the Common Law of the Land and pervert the course of justice against law abiding People when they come back?  –  Please supply the contact details of the Insurance Companies that are insuring these ROBBERS and LAWBREAKERS, as my clients and I have a legitimate claim for trillions against the Police who are guilty of misconduct in public office and failing to protect our property and uphold the Constitutional Common Law of the Land = Trial by Jury.  –  And NOT to defraud and destroy us by FICTIONAL Talmudic Commercial Kangaroo Courts, that the Police and Bailiffs are ENFORCING on ,We the People, as if they were Courts of Constitutional Common Law.  

Our UK Police are so FU*KED-UP in the HEAD now by the Israeli Army that they treat blatant FRAUD and DECEPTION by Government Organisations against, We the People, as a Civil matter.

“THE CORRUPTION OF BRITAIN” =  “This man was right all along”   –  All the Corruption in Britain is down to ‘Jew Process’ via summary judgements, which are UNLAWFUL and therefore, CRIMINAL: –  However, the UK Police who have been trained by the Israeli Army say ALL crime against, We the People, by Government Organisations are Civil matters; =  This is for the benefit of the Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby and to COVER-UP serious crime against us People: –

Law and Lawyers: PUBLISHED on Friday, 1 June 2012

Law has become a tool for the rich

The Law pages in The Times 31st May stated – “Law has become a tool for rich.”   The article by Jonathan Ames stated the views of Lord Phillips of Sudbury who has been a qualified solicitor for 48 years.

Lord Phillips also attacks the amount of legislation.  “The ruling classes are addicted to legislating.”  “There is more and more law that constrains our lives,” he says, pointing out that Parliament produces 13000 to 15000 pages of statutes annually.  In 2011, there were 14 laws introduced each day.  “We legislate more than any other major democratic country,” Phillips says.  All this does is lead to more bureaucracy, centralisation and demoralisation.

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ObiterJ2 June 2012 11:36

I received a comment from Mr Patrick Cullinane who sought to draw attention to what he describes as “widespread corruption” in the UK. I have chosen not to publish the full comment (Because I, Patrick Cullinane, was giving Common Law advice re Magna Carta 1215) since this is a general blog about legal matters and so does not become involved in particular cases and does not offer legal advice. However, in fairness to Mr Cullinane, the following media reports give some details of his situation and his battle to achieve redress:

Guardian 2003

Guardian 2010 

The media reports apart, I know nothing of the detail of Mr Cullinane’s case but it is perhaps one example of the immense problems which lack of access to justice is capable of bringing about 

Why is the BBC covering-up Gordons Bowden’s case like they covered-up Jimmy Savile’s case? = Paying a license to cover-up crime ?

Gordon Bowden 01 03 2015 handed documents to BBC

Published on 2 Mar 2015

Gordon Bowden and John Paterson at Trafalgar Square 01/03/2015 talking about the corruption … 

YouTube: Published on 21 Apr 2015


“Katy Bourne does nothing but aid and abet organised criminals,” said Brian Setchfield.

“I’ve been lied to by the Chief Constable of Sussex Police,” he continues.

“Money has been stolen.”

To report your stories of Police Corruption contact Matt Taylor, Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.



I have just left EASTBOURNE CUSTODY CENTRE, with most my recording intact! 

Just wait until you hear what went down. I will be doing a broadcast with Andy Peacher where we will discuss the recording and what went down off-camera (which I also have access to) My solicitor and myself both watched the CCTV of my false arrest and the attack on my friend who is recovering from cancer.. KEEP THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR, 3RD SEPTEMBER 2015, and if you are in The Brighton Area on this day, it will be the best day of your life… GUARANTEED, and I will explain the reason why on air. So spread this news far and wide. And Fuck David Cameron and his The Richest 0.1% Have Launched A War On Us – It’s Time To Fight Back And Hold These 400 Billionaires Personally Responsible For Our Economic Crisis money-laundering Paedophile SCUM… The verdict is in.


John Paterson was assaulted and FRAMED-UP, and Mayra Pooley Reyes was attacked and damaged for life by Police militarised and programmed by the Israeli Army to ignore the reporting of crime and the violations of the Constitutional Common Law of the Land by Government Organisations to Asset-Strip, We the People, without Due Process, which is MISPRISION OF TREASON: – 

YouTube:  Published on 10 Aug 2015

Patrick Cullinane Case File #1 – Mayra Pooley Reyes

The Solicitors and Barristers involved in this case have FAILED to effectively REPRESENT Mayra Pooley-Reyes and her Family and have STOLE their MONEY giving them NO protection whatsoever; only further TERRORISM and ROBBERY. – Why was Mayra Pooley-Reyes and her mother forced to live in a motor vehicle? – And why was Mayra Pooley-Reyes jailed on numerous occasions without Due Process, which Magna Carta 1215 – Article 39 guarantees her? 

The “Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015” is yet another joke when the London Police are being trained by the Israeli Army to ignore the Constitutional Common Law of the Land and hunt down and attack whistleblowers who are DEMANDING due process and natural justice: –

Exposing Corruption, Brutality & Complicity with the UK Police Service.

“You arrest to allow for a prompt and effective investigation” 

The Occidental Observer: By Francis Carr-Begbie on 06 August 2015

Commemorating British Casualties of Jewish Terrorism, 1944–1948 

For such interference would have meant drawing attention to a historic episode the British government and the Jewish community leaders would most likely wish forgotten — the killing of 784 British police officers, servicemen, Crown servants and civilian staff by Jewish terrorists in the Palestine Mandate crisis between 1944–48.

[Message clipped]  View entire message

12 Attachments 

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Preview attachment Affidavit of Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer – Dated 15 June 2015.doc

Affidavit of Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer – Dated 15 June 2015.doc

144 KB

Preview attachment Class Action under – MAGNA CARTA 1215 for Crimes against Humanity on 15 June 2015.doc

Class Action under – MAGNA CARTA 1215 for Crimes against Humanity on 15 June 2015.doc

1.3 MB

Preview attachment Class Action (2) under – MAGNA CARTA 1215 for Crimes against Humanity and High Treason on 15 June 2015.doc

Class Action (2) under – MAGNA CARTA 1215 for Crimes against Humanity and High Treason on 15 June 2015.doc

39 KB

Preview YouTube video Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture – World Beyond Belief

Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture – World Beyond Belief

Preview YouTube video Patrick Cullinane – Robbed by Jew Process June 2015 (Part I)

Patrick Cullinane – Robbed by Jew Process June 2015 (Part I)

Preview YouTube video Northampton county court admisson.

Northampton county court admisson.

Preview YouTube video Patrick Cullinane – Met Police – Penalty Charge Notice

Patrick Cullinane – Met Police – Penalty Charge Notice

Preview YouTube video Patrick Cullinane – Met Police – Penalty Charge Notice (Part II)

Patrick Cullinane – Met Police – Penalty Charge Notice (Part II)

Preview YouTube video Gordon Bowden 01 03 2015

Gordon Bowden 01 03 2015



Preview YouTube video Patrick Cullinane Case File #1 – Mayra Pooley Reyes

Patrick Cullinane Case File #1 – Mayra Pooley Reyes

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