Please sign this petition: Google “Ricky Dearman needs lie detector” HAMPSTEAD SRA 09/09/2015

Please sign this petition – click on 2nd half of link  

Google “Ricky Dearman needs lie detector”

To: FBI polygraphers

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Campaign created by David Howard


Polygraph Services Are Available For The Following Situations/Reasons:
* Clear-Your-Name/Reputation Issues
* Child Custody Matters
* Law Enforcement Assistance ( exams conducted on suspects, witnesses & victims)
* Criminal Investigations
* Civil Investigations
* Sexual Harassment
* Sexual Activities on the Internet
* Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
* Allegations of Child Abuse ( sexual/physical )
* Allegations of Official Misconduct
* Law Enforcement Internal Investigations
* Government Internal Investigations

Why is this important?

My goal is to make polygraph test results admissible as evidence in courts worldwide. Google “Papa kills babies”

Category: Regulation

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Reasons for signing

  • john butlincat. less than a minute ago
    A proper police investigation has never been done and these criminals must be stopped from abusing and killing more children!!
  • Peter A. a day ago
    Rescue Alisa and Gabriel from this monstrous cannibal and paedophile!!
  • Angela W. 4 days ago
    This case needs thoroughly investigating. It makes sense for the key person named as the main abuser to take a lie detector test.


a day ago

10 signatures reached

2 days ago

Google “Captain Richards needs lie detector” – Mark Richards is in prison in Vacaville framed for a murder he did not commit.

2 days ago

Google “Pedophilia in Bush/Reagan White House”

3 days ago

World Trade Center Demolition

3 days ago
3 days ago
3 days ago

while Bush Sr. sodomizes and tortures the kid to death



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2 Responses to Please sign this petition: Google “Ricky Dearman needs lie detector” HAMPSTEAD SRA 09/09/2015

  1. Anon says:

    Abraham Christie would surely be amenable to a lie detector test. Go for the other angle. It might be more easily achieved. Did he threaten to bury one of the children in the desert? Call her a cunt? Kick her in the groin with his boots on? Use a spoon on the children on the drive-round? Pull her hair? Throw the children against the wall? Hit the children with spoons on numerous other occasions? Did the children have to stay indoors to hide the bruises whilst on holiday?


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