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CPS: Clarification on Tom Watson MP letter


A CPS Spokesperson said:

“The DPP received a letter from Tom Watson MP in May 2014. The majority of the concerns raised by Mr Watson were operational matters concerning the police. As such, the DPP simply confirmed to Mr Watson that she would forward his correspondence on to the police to address. The CPS has no power to direct the police in operational matters, including the conduct of a criminal investigation, and the decision to interview a suspect is a decision for the police alone.”



DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Will you not now say sorry Mr Watson?

In a grudging letter, Scotland Yard apologises to Leon Brittan’s widow for the ‘distress’ caused by the force’s delay in clearing her husband of a false rape claim. It was a pathetic and wholly inadequate gesture.

Indeed, as the Met itself admits, it would have been possible to provide ‘clarity’ far sooner, given the absence of hard evidence against the Tory grandee, whose accuser was a Labour activist with severe mental health problems.

Many of Lord Brittan’s supporters will understandably feel the latest inquiry should never have taken place at all, given the allegations – dating back to 1967 – had already been dismissed by the Crown Prosecution Service in 2013.

It was reopened solely because Labour’s now deputy leader Tom Watson wrote, in a blaze of post-Savile publicity, demanding the file be looked at again.

Unforgivably, Lord Brittan went to his grave a traduced man – police having failed to tell him no action was to be taken.

At least the Met has said sorry (and this paper accepts the difficult position of being damned if they don’t pursue allegations of sexual abuse and damned if they do).

But not Mr Watson, who is now the second most senior figure in a Labour Party whose new leader claims to be above political smears.

Only three days after Lord Brittan’s death, Mr Watson – so quick in demanding apologies of others in the past – linked the ex-home secretary to child murder and, in words that will haunt him, suggested he was ‘as close to evil as any human being could get’.

Will he not now apologise?


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